9 YouTubers To Subscribe To If You’re Learning Spanish

Looking for a fun way to mix up your language-learning routine? Check out these Spanish-speaking YouTubers!
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Tutorials, vlogs, music videos, movie trailers, people playing video games. Name literally anything, and there’s probably a related video on YouTube. About 500 hours of content are uploaded to YouTube every minute, and one billion hours are viewed each day! Why not use some of this free video content to help you learn a language? Watching videos created by Spanish-speaking YouTubers is a great way to reinforce the Spanish you’re learning and add a fun twist to your studies.

We’ve compiled a list of nine Spanish-speaking YouTubers whose videos all differ in style and content. Some alternate between English and Spanish, and others speak entirely in Spanish at varying degrees of difficulty. There should be at least one creator on this list whose material fits your current skillset and language-learning goals. Much like binging TV shows in other languages, watching YouTube videos in Spanish can take your skills to the next level.

Spanish-Speaking YouTubers To Subscribe To

1. Joanna Hausmann

Language: English and Spanish

Number of Subscribers: ~ 848K

Joanna produces funny and engaging videos, primarily about the Spanish language and Latin American culture. Her videos are in English with some Spanish mixed in, so this is a great choice for beginners. Though she’s no longer actively producing new videos for this channel, her archive is full of good material you can dig into.

2. Juanpa Zurita

Language: Spanish

Number of Subscribers: ~ 11M

Juanpa Zurita is a Mexican comedian was made popular on Vine, so you can expect mostly funny sketches and games on his channel. We recommend watching his channel that’s entirely in Spanish, but he also has a channel that’s mostly in English if you find yourself struggling to understand.

3. Jenny Lorenzo

Language: English and Spanish

Number of Subscribers: ~ 216K

Jenny is a Cuban-American who lives in Los Angeles and produces comedic sketches where she plays a number of different characters. Her channel is great for beginners because her videos intertwine English and Spanish (with English subtitles).

4. Hola Soy German

Language: Spanish

Number of Subscribers: ~ 43M

Germán is a Chilean comedian who has made an enormous volume of funny videos about everything under the sun — often playing various characters. He speaks entirely in Spanish and pretty quickly, but there are English subtitles to help you follow along.

5. Señora Ramos

Language: Spanish

Number of Subscribers: ~ 142K

Her English channel has over a million subscribers, but her Spanish channel will be more useful for your learning. Alba produced beauty and hair tutorials in Spanish, so if that’s something you’re interested in, you can pick up a lot of relevant vocabulary (and beauty tips!).

6. Melo

Language: Spanish

Number of Subscribers: ~ 1.6M

Melo creates videos mostly about pop culture and social media, with some challenges mixed in (like a Roast Yourself challenge). Melo’s videos are entirely in Spanish and are a good way to learn how to talk about contemporary topics.

7. elrubiusOMG

Language: Spanish

Number of Subscribers: ~ 40M

This Spanish-Norwegian YouTuber is a huge gamer, so if you’re into video games, this is the channel for you. You’ll learn a lot of gaming vocab and you’ll get to hear the accent and slang of Spain, as most of the other channels on this list use Latin American Spanish.

8. La gata de Schrödinger

Language: Spanish

Number of Subscribers: ~ 587k

Rocío is a science journalist who creates fun and engaging videos about all things science. She speaks relatively slowly and clearly, which makes it easier to follow along with the Spanish, and you can pick up a lot of useful science vocab as you watch.

9. SuperHolly

Language: English and Spanish

Number of Subscribers: ~ 4.5M

SuperHolly’s videos are made for language learners, as she has videos in both English and Spanish and videos specifically about learning languages. She also creates content about food, culture and more.

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