How To Apologize For Brexit In 10 European Languages

Feeling guilty about the current political kerfuffle in your country? Here’s how to apologize for Brexit across Europe.
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How To Apologize For Brexit In 10 European Languages

If you’re a Brit living or traveling abroad, it can be difficult dealing with the guilt of leaving the European Union. Your European friends and colleagues ponder what they did wrong. Locals at your favorite travel destinations wonder what it will be like without the hoards of Brits visiting each summer. You ask yourself what will happen to the European economy if a No-Deal Brexit goes through.

Perhaps you even voted for remain, but you still have a heavy conscience. If that’s you, here’s how to apologize for Brexit in 10 European languages.

1. Spanish

¡Sentimos los inconvenientes causados! Estamos intentando arreglar este desastre.

Literally: “We’re sorry for the caused inconvenience! We are trying to fix this mess.”

2. French

Toutes mes excuses pour cette horrible pagaille !

Literally: “All my apologies for this horrible mess!”

3. German

Dieses Durcheinander tut mir unheimlich leid!

Literally: “I am terribly sorry for this muddle!”

4. Italian

Ci scusiamo per il disagio arrecato. Stiamo provvedendo al ripristino. Torneremo al più presto.

Literally: “We’re sorry for the inconvenience. We are trying to fix it. We will be back soon”

5. Swedish

Ursäkta röran som vi har ställt till med! Jag är hemskt ledsen att det blev så här.

Literally: “Excuse the mess we’ve created! I’m terribly sorry it turned out this way.”

6. Danish

Det var dog noget værre noget! Mange gange undskyld ulejligheden! Vi arbejder på at rydde op.

Literally: “Phew, that’s some bad stuff! Many excuses for the inconvenience. We’re working on cleaning up.”

7. Portuguese

Desculpa qualquer transtorno, estamos a tentar resolver esta confusão!

Literally: “Sorry for any inconvenience, we’re trying to sort out this mess!”

8. Dutch

Wat een verschrikkelijke puinhoop! Sorry voor al het ongemak.

Literally: “What a terrible mess! Sorry for all the inconvenience.”

9. Polish

Bardzo przepraszamy za ten bałagan!

Literally: “We’re really sorry for this mess!”

10. Russian

Мне стыдно за этот бардак, который мы устроили!

Literally: “I am ashamed of the mess we made!”

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