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5 Inventive Tips To Stay Healthy From Head To Toe

We’ve collected our best low-cost tips to keep you healthy, wealthy and wise for World Health Day 2016!
5 Inventive Tips To Stay Healthy From Head To Toe


When it comes to feet, circulation is key. Foot ABC’s are a great way to get the blood pumping in the office or on a plane. Simply elevate one foot off the ground and use it to spell out the alphabet. Repeat for other foot. Get creative and write out sentences!



Ironically, talking can be a good way to listen better. Studies have shown that people who speak two languages are constantly inhibiting and filtering out the language they don’t need to focus on the one they do need. This translates to real world problems, like trying to hear a barista over loud conversations in a coffee shop.



Look cool and stay healthy with sunglasses. Sounds easy, but what about all that time squinting at computer screens? Try closing your eyes and giving your temples a soothing massage a couple times a day. You don’t just have to pull this move when you’ve got a headache!



Aside from improving executive function, memory, visual-spatial skills, and creativity, studies have found evidence that speaking another language thickens gray matter in sections of the brain. Imagine: 10-15 minutes study a day and you’re literally bulking up brain muscles!



Yesterday’s newspaper isn’t old news when it comes to strengthening your hands and forearms. Lay a single sheet flat on a tabletop, pinch at the center with one hand, and crinkle it up until it’s a compact ball. Repeat. It’s a lot harder than it sounds!

Don’t wait to strengthen your brain and hearing!