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Using Babbel to Gain Portuguese Language Fluency

The choice to learn Portuguese is the first step for gaining the ability to communicate with 240 million people throughout the world. Ranging from Europe to Brazil and southern Africa, Portuguese speakers represent a significant portion of the world, and Portuguese lessons let you connect with a diverse segment of the global community.

However, there are plenty of challenges and obstacles facing any language learner, and native English speakers who set out to learn Portuguese face a particular set of difficulties. When selecting a language learning method or course of study, it is useful to consider how that method approaches these issues. For Portuguese language learners, Babbel provides a comprehensive study method that takes advantage of the latest methods, technology and strategies to ensure success.


Challenges Facing Native English Speakers Taking Portuguese Lessons

Portuguese is a member of the Indo-European language family, just like English, but it is a Romance language as opposed to a Germanic language like English. This means that while certain facets of grammatical structure and vocabulary are similar, there are many significant differences between English and Portuguese in form.

While many words sound similar because of vocabulary crossovers, Portuguese lessons for native English speakers need to provide broad vocabulary building exercises. However, the most important detail for fostering effective interpersonal communication is pronunciation. In Portuguese, certain letters, such as the letter “R,” have a variety of pronunciations that native English speakers are likely to find unusual. Covering these differences is vital for engaging in or merely understanding spoken Portuguese. Additionally, Portuguese is especially distinct in its tone and cadence, which makes speech exercises absolutely necessary for developing complete fluency.

Addressing Language Learning Difficulties

Gaining complete fluency in a language means being able to read, write, speak and understand it. Full communication requires you to learn each of these skills, but many aspects of these skills are interconnected. This makes using a multifaceted approach such as Babbel’s indispensable for language learning success. Wide-ranging exercises provide the majority of instruction alongside advanced instructional technology, including speech recognition software that rates a learner’s ability to replicate the sounds and rhythm of Portuguese speech. This allows those taking Portuguese lessons through Babbel to track their real progress at gaining fluency in the language.

How Babbel Helps You Overcome Language Learning Difficulties

Babbel provides Portuguese lessons that are effective at an exceptionally low price. Our program also gives learners immense flexibility in how to proceed through the lessons, and the speed of the coursework is set entirely by the user. This allows you to fully enjoy the most fun and engaging aspects of learning a language without the pressure of a classroom or institutionalized programs.

Using Total Immersion to Learn Portuguese Through Babbel

To provide language learners with what they need to gain fluency, Babbel provides a number of tools and services that foster language immersion. All of Babbel’s exercises and applications are kept free of advertisements and other distractions to allow learners to focus completely on improving their language skills while using the system’s interface.

One of the services that Babbel provides is its own social network. This lets Portuguese language learners connect with other learners and speakers of Portuguese to further their understanding of the language through natural social interaction. Also, Babbel provides mobile full featured applications for iOS and Android devices, and vocabulary trainer apps for the Windows 8 phone. This allows you to take the tools you need to learn Portuguese with you wherever you go.

By combining an expansive range of tools, strategies and sophisticated technology, Babbel provides those who want to learn Portuguese with the necessary resources to do so. By focusing on a holistic learning program with a view toward immersion, Babbel offers an unbeatable way to learn the language.

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