Portuguese phrases

Portuguese is spoken by approximately 252 million people around the world, making it one of the most useful languages for people to learn if they plan to travel the globe. If you want to learn Portuguese, why not start with some useful Portuguese phrases and an overview of the language?

The benefits of learning Portuguese

Portuguese stands out as a top choice for travel enthusiasts, being the sixth most spoken language globally. It's primarily spoken in Brazil and Portugal, but can also be found all around the world. Mastering the language enables deeper connections and more enriching travel experiences by allowing seamless communication, work interactions, and friendship-building in various locales. Whether navigating bustling markets or conducting business deals, fluency in Portuguese streamlines interactions and enhances cultural immersion.

Moreover, proficiency in Portuguese enhances employability, setting individuals apart in competitive job markets. Teachers, doctors, lawyers, business professionals, and bankers, among others, can leverage language skills to forge stronger connections and opportunities in their respective fields. Learning Portuguese not only opens doors to new cultures but also broadens professional horizons, making it a valuable asset in today's interconnected world.

How to learn Portuguese phrases

Learning a new language is never easy, but fortunately today there are multiple methods to help you increase your knowledge of Portuguese phrases. Taking classes at a language school or with a private teacher is a good option, but if you can't find a school that fits your schedule, there's always the option of taking an online course. And don't forget to supplement what you learn in class with additional learning strategies, like reading newspapers or watching the news in Portuguese.


Beginner Portuguese phrases

Get started with just a few phrases, and you'll be building up your skills in no time.

  • Oi. Meu nome é ______. — Hello. My name is _______.

  • Prazer. — Nice to meet you.

  • Como é seu nome? — What is your name?

  • Bom dia — Good morning

  • Boa tarde — Good afternoon

  • Boa noite — Good evening, good night

  • E aí? — What's up?

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