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Portuguese phrases

Portuguese is spoken by approximately 252 million people around the world, and is one of the foreign languages with better international projection. If you intend to learn Portuguese, why not start with some useful Portuguese sentences and an overview of the language?

Learn Portuguese: grammar and pronunciation

If you intend to learn Portuguese, you must know which variant you want to learn: Brazilian or European. There are several differences between both, which range from accent to grammar, including vocabulary and pronunciation.

Learners must be aware that Portuguese uses different grammatical forms for the pronoun “you”, depending on whether it is singular, plural, formal or informal. Word order is the same as in English (subject-verb-object).

Portuguese vowel combinations are notoriously difficult to master, especially those that are marked with an accent or another diacritic. Portuguese uses the letter “ç”, which sounds like an “s”, and “r” can be pronounced as a rolled Spanish “r” (in Portugal) or as a hard “h” (in Brazil).

Basic Portuguese sentences

  • Hello / Olá
  • My name is … / Chamo-me ...
  • What's your name? / Como se chama?
  • How are you? / Como está?
  • Fine, thank you / Bem, obrigado (male) – obrigada (female)
  • Nice to meet you / Prazer em conhecer
  • Goodbye / Adeus
  • Where is the bus station / train station / ATM / the bathroom? / Onde está a rodoviária / a estação de comboio / o caixa automático / a casa de banho?
  • Is there a restaurant nearby? / Ha un restaurante por perto?
  • How much is this? / Quanto é isso?
  • Thank you / Obrigado - obrigada
  • Please / Por favor
  • Do you speak English? / Fala inglês?
  • Sorry, I don't understand / Desculpe, não comprendo
  • Do you have any rooms? / Tem quartos disponíveis?

How to learn Portuguese phrases

Learning a new language is never easy, but fortunately today there are multiple methods to help you increase your knowledge of Portuguese phrases. Taking classes at a language school or with a private teacher is a good option, but if you can't find a school or schedules are not suitable, there is always the option of taking an online course. And do not forget to supplement what you learn in class with additional learning strategies, like reading Portuguese newspapers or watching the news in Portuguese.

Learning Portuguese phrases with Babbel

Babbel has helped more than 5 million learners with their Portuguese sentences. The Babbel method is highly communicative and interactive, and it has been especially designed to keep your attention levels high. Babbel offers interactive exercises and a sophisticated voice recognition program to help you with the pronunciation of those complicated Portuguese vowels.

You can choose from many Portuguese courses, whether beginner, intermediate or advanced level, and from a range of topics including specialised conversation, vocabulary, conjugation, or business courses. Babbel courses are backed up by a 20-day money-back guarantee. Try it now for free.

Portuguese Phrases