Why Portuguese grammar?

How long have you been putting off trying to learn Portuguese? If you are like most people, learning a foreign language has had a place on your bucket list at least once or twice. Whether you are heading to Brazil for vacation or work, or just want to learn Portuguese to expand your horizons, it has never been easier to learn a foreign language.

With over 240 million speakers, Portuguese is one of the top 7 most spoken languages in the world. Native speakers are found in 10 countries. Portuguese is a romance language, which means it shares its roots with French, Spanish and Italian. Many learners who speak more than one foreign language will say that once you learn a Romance language, learning more will be so much easier. English and Portuguese share some minor commonalities. Portuguese has a little bit more of a looser, forgiving syntax. That combined with far fewer preposition makes Portuguese a more simple language overall.


Portuguese grammar with Babbel

With access to the Internet, anyone can learn Portuguese grammar (and other foreign languages) much more quickly. The effective platform to learn Portuguese is Babbel. We are experts in the field of foreign language acquisition and on the cutting edge of technologies to make the process efficient. Whether you’ve never attempted before or you are advanced in Portuguese grammar and need a refresher, Babbel has a track for you.

Using Babbel is very intuitive. You can even use your Facebook information to log in and start right away. It’s great if you are a multi-device type of person. You can go from your desktop at home, to your work laptop, tablet, or mobile device without missing a single lesson. Wherever you are and have some spare time, Babbel will be right there with you.
Experts agree that learning and playing are closely linked together. At Babbel, our language experts team up with technology and teaching experts to give you an experience that feels like might seem like gaming, but actually it is really expanding your brain.

Once you’ve started with Babbel, say that you want to learn another language in addition to learning Portuguese. No problem! We’ve got plenty of language options to choose from. We want to meet you where you are and help you learn whatever language you need quickly. What if you have a friend who wants to learn Portuguese grammar with you? Great! You can monitor each other’s progress and have a buddy to help you through the process. Any type of discipline is easier with a friend. It’s a great way to motivate each other. Babbel is by far the best choice for you to learn Portuguese and the finer points of Portuguese grammar.

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