Vote For A Language In The Babbel Elections

Can’t decide which language to learn? Let democracy decide.
Infographic of the Babbel Elections with circular representatiosn of the German, French and Spanish flags.

Choosing a second language to learn is a bit like casting your vote for your political representative. Wait, hear us out. All of the contenders are making strong points. If you improve your Spanish, you’ll unlock a new world of culture and travel. If you learn French, you can feel fashionable and sophisticated. And if you learn German? Well, you can be confronted by increasingly ridiculous compound words.

To get in the spirit of voting for a second language, our Babbel Live teachers have created election campaign videos to help you reach your decision. Will it be the safe choice with Spanish, the romantic choice with French or perhaps the underdog choice of German?

As with any vote, perhaps you’ve already made up your mind and not even a smear campaign from a competitive Babbel Live teacher will change it. Watch the videos below to see which candidate best represents your point of view.



Replying to @babbel Let’s face it. Other languages are just too hard.

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If choosing a language was like voting for president, who would you vote for? #learnFrench

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Replying to @ellekirks pov: learning a language is like voting for president

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