Vacation Cheat Sheet: 20 German Phrases You Need To Know

Make the most of your upcoming trip to Germany by focusing on these German phrases ahead of your flight abroad.
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Vacation Cheat Sheet: 20 German Phrases You Need To Know

Germany remains a vacation hot spot for many reasons — the party scene is unbeatable, the festivals are record-breaking and the sights are beautiful. Consider taking a trip to the European country soon to get the authentic experience, but first, give your German vacation a boost by learning these helpful phrases! Pro tip: all of these topics are covered in Babbel’s German lessons, so you might want to download the app before you depart so you can learn German and be prepared.

Meeting New People

One of the best parts about visiting Germany is not only meeting all the fun, quirky Germans but also running into interesting people from all walks of the world who’ve come to experience the same fun. You’ll definitely want to make friends with this crowd.

Hallo. Hello

Mein Name ist _____. My name is _____.

Ganz meinerseits! Nice to meet you (lit. totally my part)!

Wie heißen Sie? What is your name (lit. how do you call yourself)?

Woher kommen Sie? Where are you from?

Ich komme aus [England]. I come from [England].

Ordering Food And Drinks

From decadent chocolate cakes to creamy mashed potatoes and everything in between, you’ll want to make sure you know how to order so it doesn’t take away from what you’ll order. Here’s a good place to start when it comes to ordering the best German delicacies.

Ich möchte ein oder zwei kekse zu meinem Tee. I’d like to have one or two cookies with my tea.

Haben Sie auch vegetarische gerichte? Do you also have vegetarian dishes?

Ich nehme zweihundert Gramm von diesem Käse. I’ll take two hundred grams of this cheese.

Asking For Directions

Getting lost happens to the best of us. Don’t get frustrated, get going in the right direction (and potentially make new friends) by learning these phrases! You’ll be on the right track to a perfect German vacation in no time.

Wo sind die Toiletten? Where are the toilets?

Wo ist die Apotheke? Where is the pharmacy?

Wo finde ich eine Bank? Where can I find a bank?

Biegen Sie rechts ab! Turn right!

Biegt links ab! Turn left!

German Vacation Sightseeing

There’s so much to do in Germany, whether you’re trekking through Munich or dancing through Berlin. Get the most Instagram-worthy photos of your German vacation by planning an extraordinary itinerary with these phrases!

Lass uns mit dem Riesenrad fahren! Let’s go on the ferris wheel!

Ich fahre nach München aufs Oktoberfest! I’m going to Munich to the Oktoberfest!

Gehen wir ins Konzert? Should we go to a concert?

Ich möchte gern dieses Museum besichtigen. I would like to visit this museum.

Wir wollen an die Ostsee gehen! We want to go to the Baltic Sea!

Wie lange fährt man? How long does it take?

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