Vacation Cheat Sheet: 22 Italian Phrases To Know

Make the most of your upcoming trip by focusing on these Italian conversation topics ahead of your flight abroad.

Vacation season calls! But hold your horses: you’ll want to make sure you master the basics of the local language wherever you’re headed to get the most out of your excursion. If you’ll be traveling to Italy or an Italian-speaking country soon, here are some important words and phrases to practice using on a regular basis. Pro tip: all of these topics are covered in Babbel’s Italian lessons, so you might want to download the app before you depart.

Italian cheat sheet with 18 useful phrases to learn, as expanded on below.

Meeting New People

You’re bound to make some new friends when you’re traveling, perhaps the nice lady who helped you lift your bag at the airport, or the gentleman with the same Caffè Macchiato order as you at the corner coffee shop. Make sure you’re prepared for the conversation that’s sure to follow.

Ciao! Sono _____ [Davide]. E tu? Hello! I’m _____ [Davide]. What’s your name?

Piacere! Nice to meet you!

Sono di ____. I’m from ______.

Di dove sei? Where are you from?

Ordering Food and Drinks

If you went to Italy and didn’t indulge in all the food, did you even go to Italy? No, the answer is no. Don’t miss out on one of the best cuisines the world has to offer — make sure you know how to order and your taste buds will thank you.

Potremmo ordinare, per favore? Can we order, please?

Qual è la specialità della casa? What is the house specialty?

Avete dei piatti vegetariani? Do you have vegetarian meals?

Come dessert prendo del gelato. For dessert, I’ll have ice cream.

Asking For Directions

Getting lost happens to the best of us. When you’re maneuvering a new territory, it can be tough to remember if you made a left or a right two streets before. Luckily, with these phrases, you should be on your way to the right path regardless.

Dove è il bagno? Where is the toilet?

Scusi, per andare a ____? Excuse me, how do I get to ____?

Dove trovo un bancomat? Where can I find an ATM?

Giri a sinistra. Turn left

Giri a destra. Turn right

Scheduling Activities

Planning a tour of The Colosseum? Want to get selfies in front the Piazza San Marco? Need some relaxation on the beaches of Capri? You’ll need some Italian to get there.

Vorrei andare a vedere questo museo. I would like to visit this museum.

Il negozio. The shop.

La piazza. The square.

L’opera. The opera house.

Dove posso comprare un biglietto? Where can I buy a ticket?

Buying An Italian Home

There are many tales of people falling so in love with Rome that they decide to stay. Whether you’re staking out your next long-term living situation or looking for a vacation home, odds are you’ll need to know how to discuss such matters.

Questa è la casa dei miei sogni. That is my dream house.

Quanto paghi d’affitto? How much rent do you pay?

Quest’appartamento ha un giardino privato. This apartment has its own garden.

Domani vado a firmare il contratto d’affitto. I am going to sign the rental agreement tomorrow.

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