Vacation Cheat Sheet: 17 Brazilian Portuguese Phrases You Need To Know

Make the most of your upcoming trip to Brazil by focusing on these Brazilian Portuguese phrases ahead of your flight abroad.

Whether you’re planning on checking out Iguazú Falls, sunbathing on the beaches of Rio or zip-lining in Parati, vacationing in Brazil is much more fun when you can speak the language. Give your vacay a boost by learning these helpful Brazilian Portuguese phrases. Pro tip: all of these topics are covered in Babbel’s Portuguese lessons, so you might want to download the app before you depart.

Brazilian cheat sheet with several useful phrases, as expanded on below.

Meeting New People

Who doesn’t want to make international friends? For your journey to Brazil, you’ll want to learn how to introduce yourself and ask your new friends about themselves. Here are a few Brazilian Portuguese phrases you’ll need to start with:

Oi. Meu nome é ______. Hello. My name is  _______.

Prazer. Nice to meet you.

Como é seu nome? What is your name?

Você é de Curitiba? Are you from Curitiba?

Eu sou de _____. I am from _____.

Ordering Food And Drinks

Brazilian cuisine is one of the best and most diverse out there. When you enter that Brazilian restaurant, order dishes in confidence with these Brazilian Portuguese phrases in mind:

Eu quero uma xícara de café. I’d like a cup of coffee.

Eu quero sorvete de sobremesa. For dessert I’d like ice cream.

Quanto custa? How much is it?

Asking For Directions

Some of the most important phrases you can learn in the language of the country you’re traveling to are those relating to where things are and how to get there. Start with these:

Posso fazer uma pergunta? Can I ask a question?

Onde é o banheiro? Where is the toilet?

E onde acho uma farmácia? And where can I find a pharmacy?

À esquerda  To the left

Vire à direita. Turn to the right.

Scheduling Activities

Sightseeing is a typical way to pass time in any country, but especially so in Brazil, where there are tons of attractions. Know phrases for making plans and other concerns, like these:

Nós encontramos uma praia agradável para fazer nosso piquenique. We found a nice, sandy beach for our picnic.

Eu gostaria de visitar esse museu. I would like to visit this museum.

O/A guia turístico/a The tour guide (lit. tour leader)

A cachoeira The waterfall

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