Un Día En Español 9: Meeting The Family… In Spanish

In this episode, Micaela introduces her English boyfriend to her family in Argentina. Will the language barrier be a problem?
cows in a field in Argentina

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Episode 9: Meeting The Family… In Spanish

Getting introduced to the family can be stressful enough, but it’s even worse when you don’t speak the same language. In this episode, Micaela’s English boyfriend meets her family, who only speaks Spanish, on their farm in Argentina. Can he communicate with them well enough to make a good first impression?

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Key Vocabulary

Reino Unido  United Kingdom 
el vuelo flight 
conocer  to meet 
el nieto, la nieta  grandson, granddaughter 
el abuelo, la abuela  grandfather, grandmother 
el papá, la mamá  dad, mom 
el hermano, la hermana brother, sister
el tío, la tía  uncle, aunt
saludar  to greet 
el beso  kiss
el abrazo  hug
la mejilla cheek 
el paseo  walk or stroll 
la granja  farm 
la vaca cow 
el gesto  gesture 

Dynamic Transcript

Show Notes

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