Quiz: Can You Avoid These Common Mexican Vs. European Spanish Mistakes?

Do you know the difference between ‘zumo’ and ‘jugo’?
friends laugh about spain vs. mexico language mistakes

It won’t matter how often you practice your Spanish vocabulary words and refine your pronunciation skills if you use the incorrect dialect. Slang words and other parts of the language can vary greatly from one Spanish-speaking country to another, particularly between Mexico and Spain. It may all be the same language, but you’ll want to learn some of the most common Spain vs Mexican language mistakes before you put your skills to the test out in the world.

This quiz includes a variety of some of the most common mix-ups people make related to Spain vs Mexican language differences. Give it a try, so you can identify where you still need some practice and to avoid embarrassment on your travels. Whether you visit Madrid, Mexico City or any other Spanish-speaking locale, you don’t want to be labeled a gringo.

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