How To Talk About The Home In Turkish

Let’s gather around the masa and have a think.
Zuhause auf Türkisch. Frauen lachen zusammen in der Küche. Wörter rund ums Wohnen auf Türkisch

There are many reasons for learning Turkish, and you may not even consider “learning Turkish house vocabulary” to make it onto the list of the top 20. But whether you’re studying the language in order to move to Turkey, or work with Turkish-speaking colleagues, or simply to travel there for a week, you might find yourself reaching for words like “kitchen,” “window” and “chair” way more often than you’d expect.

These are words you’ll need in virtually any kind of situation, ranging from sitting down at a restaurant to communicating with your Airbnb host. But assuming you do get invited to someone’s home, you’ll probably be grateful you committed these terms to memory, especially if your host warns you not to let the dogs out of the bedroom.

Below is a list of the most common Turkish house vocabulary, coupled with audio pronunciations voiced by a native speaker.

Essential Turkish House Vocabulary

apartment — daire

house — ev

room — oda

kitchen — mutfak

bathroom — banyo

bedroom — yatak odası

living room — salon

toilet — tuvalet

floor — taban

wall — duvar

door — kapı

window — pencere

balcony — balkon

ceiling — tavan

roof — çatı

stairs — merdiven

elevator — asansör

furniture — mobilya

table — masa

chair — sandalye

bed — yatak

sofa — kanepe

armchair — koltuk

bookshelf — kitaplık

shelf — raf

dresser — komodin

stool — tabure

pantry — mutfak dolabı

decor — dekorasyon

curtain — perde

carpet — halı

mirror — ayna

lamp — lamba

indoor plant — ev bitkisi

picture — resim

vase — vazo

cushion — yastık

scented candle — kokulu mum

coffee table — sehpa

household appliance — beyaz eşya

stove — ocak

fridge — buzdolabı

freezer — buzluk

air conditioner — klima

heater — kalorifer

washing machine — çamaşır makinesi

dryer — kurutma makinesi

dishwasher — bulaşık makinesi

microwave — mikrodalga fırın

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