5 Turkish TV Shows You Can Stream To Help You Learn The Language

You’ll be surprised how many Turkish TV shows are available to stream on Netflix!
The Protector - Turkish TV Shows

Learning a language like Turkish may provoke fears of not having as many opportunities to be immersed in the language. While it may be more difficult to find Turkish-speaking communities outside of Turkey, there are plenty of great Turkish TV shows you can stream to get that immersive experience and to hear how the language is used in various situations and conversations.

These five Turkish TV shows range from romantic comedies to historical adventures, providing options to suit a variety of interests. Plus, they’re all available to stream on Netflix!

Turkish TV Shows To Stream

The Protector

The Protector
Photo: Yigit Eken | Netflix

Where To Watch: Netflix

Number Of Seasons: 4

Show Premise: A 20-something shopkeeper in Istanbul learns he’s connected to a secret order and that it’s his duty to protect the city from destruction by an ancient enemy. 

Learning Tips: While some of the ancient secret order jargon can be a bit challenging for language learners, the default setting is Turkish audio with English subtitles. We’d recommend leaving the subs turned on (at least the first time you watch).

Love 101

Love 101 Turkish TV Shows
Photo: Netflix

Where To Watch: Netflix

Number Of Seasons: 1 (ongoing)

Show Premise: In this high school dramedy, four rebellious students — at the risk of expulsion — team up with a perfect student to get the only teacher who’s nice to them to fall in love so she doesn’t move away. If this storyline sounds a bit contrived, it is. But it makes for a fun casual viewing experience.

Learning Tips: School activities and teen drama tend to involve simpler language, so this series may be a good choice for beginners. As always, start with the English subs turned on, unless you’re at a pretty advanced level of Turkish.

Resurrection: Ertugrul

Resurrection: Etrtugal Turkish TV Shows
Photo: TRT

Where To Watch: Netflix

Number Of Seasons: 5

Show Premise: This historical fiction adventure series — set in the 13th century — tells the story of Ertuğrul, the father of Osman I, who founded the Ottoman Empire. Often compared to Game of Thrones, the show features five epic seasons (448 episodes!) of violence, politics and romance.

Learning Tips: The subject matter and manner of speech may make the series a difficult watch for beginners, but the highly visual action sequences offer some respite. Use the English subtitles to help guide you through the narrative.


Innocent (Masum)
Photo: BluTV

Where To Watch: Netflix

Number Of Seasons: 1

Show Premise: A twisty murder mystery mini-series set in a small Turkish town, “Innocent” (Masum in Turkish) follows a detective who returns to his childhood hometown to investigate an unsolved case. Old wounds are reopened and family secrets are unveiled along the way.

Learning Tips: As Turkish TV shows go, this one may be a bit more manageable for beginners, as it’s a miniseries with only one eight-episode season. Viewers will pick up vocabulary related to criminal justice and family along the way.

Love Me As I Am

Love Me As I Am Turkish TV shows
Photo: TRT1

Where To Watch: Netflix

Number Of Seasons: 3

Show Premise: Two college students — a wealthy man and a working-class woman — fall in love and quickly get married, only to discover that married life has its challenges. This romantic comedy makes for a nice break from some of the more intense shows mentioned above.

Learning Tips: This show’s premise is relatively simple, making it a good choice for beginners. Love and dating vocab tends to be both easy to learn and useful. As always, you can use the English subtitles to your advantage, or switch to Turkish subs if you want a challenge.

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