How To Compliment Someone In Turkish

You never know when you might feel like being nice.
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Some would argue that Turkish is for lovers. You could just as easily claim that Turkish is for haters, too. We can reject binary thinking altogether and acknowledge that language is a tool that can equally be used to build bridges or set them on fire. But for those moments when you’re hoping to perhaps leave a good impression or make a new friend, you’ll want to know a few Turkish compliments.

Although there’s likely no limit to how creative you can get when you’re lavishing praise on someone, here are a few pretty standard Turkish compliments to start with that can be widely applicable in many social situations.

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Turkish Compliments

Your eyes are very beautiful. — Gözlerin çok güzel.

Your laugh is so nice (lit. How nice you’re laughing)! — Ne güzel gülüyorsun!

That’s what I call smart! — İşte ben buna akıllı derim!

How beautiful your hair color is. Is it your natural color? — Saç rengin ne kadar güzel. Doğal rengi mi?

I love your sense of humor! — Senin mizah anlayışını beğeniyorum!

I appreciate your honesty. — Senin dürüstlüğünü takdir ediyorum.

You are beautiful. — Sen güzelsin.

You are so considerate! — O kadar naziksin ki!

Bravo! You are very talented. — Bravo! Çok yeteneklisin.

I meant it as a compliment! — Aslında bu bir iltifattı!

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