How To Talk About The Weather In Italian

When packing for a trip to Italy, you’ll want to know what the weather’s going to be like. Sounds like a perfect time to brush up on Italian weather vocab!
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While you may be hoping for perfect weather on your trip to Rome, it wouldn’t be a proper vacation if there weren’t at least one day when the atmosphere turns against you. The best you can do is prepare beforehand, and one way to do that is to brush up on your Italian weather vocab. We compiled a list of some of the most important terms and phrases to know. You might also want to brush up on Italian numbers to figure out the temperature, too (but make sure you’re using Celsius!).

The Seasons

the season — la stagione

the spring — la primavera

the summer — l’estate

the fall — l’autunno

the winter — l’inverno

the rainy season — la stagione delle piogge

the dry season — la stagione secca

Italian Weather Vocab

the weather — il tempo

the climate — il clima

the degree — il grado

the sunlight — la luce del sole

the rain — la pioggia

the cloud — la nuvola

the snow — la neve

the wind — il vento

tropical — tropicale

the storm — la tempesta

temperate — temperato

cloudy — nuvoloso

the weather forecast — le previsioni meteorologiche

the thunder — il tuono

the lightning — il fulmine

the frost — il gelo

the blizzard — la tempesta di neve

the hail — la grandine

the drizzle — la pioggerellina

the rainbow — l’arcobaleno

Italian Weather Phrases

What is the weather like? — Che tempo fa?

The sun is shining. — C’è il sole.

The sky is cloudy. — Il cielo è nuvoloso.

It stopped raining. — La pioggia ha smesso.

It was snowing all day. — Ha nevicato tutto il giorno.

A strong wind is blowing. — Il vento soffia molto forte.

Be careful, there’s black ice on the sidewalk. — Attenzione, il marciapiede è ghiacciato.

A thunderstorm is coming. — Arriva un temporale.

Natural Disasters

the natural disaster — la catastrofe natural

the earthquake — il terremoto

the tsunami — lo tsunami

the flood — l’inondazione

the drought — la siccità

the fire — l’incendio

the cyclone — il ciclone

hurricane — l’uragano

the tornado — il tornado

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