How To Talk About Food And Drink In French

Get ready to enjoy a delicious meal in any French-speaking country by learning to name and pronounce these French food words.
plate of croissants

It’s hard to argue with the stance that one of the best parts of French culture is the food, which seems to be largely made up of bread and cheese. If you watch movies about France or even visit the country on vacation, some of the most potent imagery you’ll see will feature flaky croissants, fresh baguettes, hunks of fragrant fromage and, of course, plenty of wine. That’s enough to get anyone’s mouth watering! Thus, if you’re going to learn basic French or travel to a francophone country and want to satisfy your appetite, it’s important to brush up on French food words and phrases.

We’ve compiled a quick guide to some of the most commonly used French food words (and drink words) that you might encounter at a quaint cafe, a fancy restaurant or a dinner party with long-lost relatives. If you study these words and phrases — and click the play button to hear how they’re pronounced — you’ll be ready to dine like a true personne française!

French Food Words To Whet Your Appetite

Meal-Related Words

Food — la nourriture

To eat — manger

To drink — boire

Restaurant — le restaurant

Fast food — la restauration rapide

Menu — le menu

Breakfast — le petit déjeuner

Lunch — le déjeuner

Dinner — le dîner

Appetizer — l’entrée

Main course — le plat principal

Dessert — le dessert

Waiter — le serveur (m) / la serveuse (f)

The check — l’addition

Vegetarian — le végétarien 

Vegan — végétalien

Gluten/lactose-free — sans gluten / sans lactose


Food Words

Bread — le pain

Cheese — le fromage

Soup — la soupe

Salad — la salade

Fruit — le fruit

Vegetables — les légumes

Potato — la pomme de terre

Beef — la viande de bœuf

Chicken — la poule

Pork — le porc

Fish — le poisson


Drink Words

Drink — la boisson

Beer — la bière

Wine — le vin

Water — l’eau

Juice — le jus

Coffee — le café

Tea — le thé

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