How To Talk About The Home In Swedish

Because there’s no place like home.
The home in Swedish represented by a father and his two children doing chores around their well-lit kitchen.

They say most accidents happen within the home, but those don’t have to be linguistic accidents. Learning the basic vocabulary for talking about the home in Swedish is an easy choice early on. Not only will it come in handy, but also it’s one of the easiest things to practice: you just have to look around you and name the objects you know (and look up the ones you don’t).

We gathered together the most common terms for rooms and items around the home in Swedish. To hear each word pronounced by a native speaker, just click the play button next to the terms.

Essential Swedish House Vocabulary

an apartment — en lägenhet

a house — ett hus

a room — ett rum

a kitchen — ett kök

a bathroom — ett badrum

a bedroom — ett sovrum

a living room — ett vardagsrum

a toilet — en toalett

a floor — ett golv

a wall — en vägg

a door — en dörr

a window — ett fönster

a balcony — en balkong

a ceiling/roof — ett tak

stairs — en trappa

an elevator — en hiss

furniture — möbler

a table — ett bord

a chair — en stol

a bed — en säng

a sofa — en soffa

an armchair — en fåtölj

a bookshelf — en bokhylla

a wardrobe — en garderob

a bench — en bänk

a shelf — en hylla

a dresser — en byrå

a stool — en pall

a pantry — ett skafferi

decor — inredning

a curtain — en gardin

a carpet — en matta

a mirror — en spegel

a lamp — en lampa

an indoor plant — en krukväxt

a picture — en bild

a vase — en vas

a cushion — en kudde

a scented candle — ett doftljus

a coffee table — ett soffbord

knick-knack — krims-krams

a household appliance — en vitvara

a stove — en spis

a fridge — ett kylskåp

a freezer — en frys

a heater — ett element

a washing machine — en tvättmaskin

a dishwasher — en diskmaskin

a dryer — en torktumlare

an air conditioner — luftkonditionering

a microwave — en mikrovågsugn

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