How To Talk About Food And Drink In Swedish

Don’t you think it’s about time you had a fika?
swedish food words

There’s something about the Swedish language that makes taking frequent coffee and pastry breaks that much more permissible. And if that’s not enough to whet your appetite, just think of the meatballs and the lingonberries (both of which can be found at any typical Swedish dinner party). How are you even going to live without some rudimentary knowledge of Swedish food words?

Whether you’re in the market for breakfast (frukost) or trying to communicate your dietary preferences to your waiter, these basic vocabulary terms will serve as the meat and potatoes of your, well, meat and potatoes. Here is a guide to all of the Swedish food words you’re likely to encounter along your way, together with audio to help you nail your pronunciation.

Meal-Related Words

To eat — att äta

Dessert — en efterrätt

Vegetarian — vegetarisk

Vegan — vegan

Gluten-free — glutenfri

Lactose-free — laktosfri

Starter — en förrätt

Main course — en varmrätt

Breakfast — en frukost

Eat lunch — äta lunch

Dinner — en middag


Swedish Food Words

Fruit — en frukt

Meat — kött

Beef — nötkött

Pork — fläskkött

Poultry — fågel

Seafood — havets frukter

An ice cream — en glass

Sugar — socker

Bread — ett bröd

Cheese — en ost

Fish — en fisk


Swedish Drink Words

A drink — en dryck

To drink — att dricka

Mineral water — ett mineralvatten

Juice — en juice

Coffee — ett kaffe

Milk — mjölk

Lemonade — en lemonad

Wine — ett vin

Beer — ett öl

Tea — ett te

Tap water — kranvatten

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