How To Name And Pronounce Colors In Swedish

Roses are röda, violets are blå (pronounced BLU-uh). We know our colors in Swedish, and soon you will too-uh!
colors in Swedish

Sweden, and Scandinavia as a whole, is well-known for its distinct style of interior design. Though this style relies largely on minimalism, simplicity and natural, muted tones, the color choices are an important part of every room and every piece of furniture. Learning the colors in Swedish is useful, whether you’re describing things while traveling or simply navigating an Ikea store. Here’s your guide to naming and pronouncing the colors in Swedish.

A color — en färg

Red — röd

Orange — orange

Yellow — gul

Green — grön

Blue — blå

Purple — lila

Pink — rosa

Brown — brun

Black — svart

White — vit

Light — ljus

Dark — mörk

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