Introducing ‘Speaking Of Berlin’: Our Latest Podcast For German Learners

Follow language expert Ted as he introduces you to the city that we at Babbel call home, while helping you learn and improve your German along the way.
Introducing "Speaking of Berlin" – our latest podcast for German learners

Learning a new language requires a variety of skills. Beyond learning the vocabulary and grammar, it is also important to develop a feeling for the natural flow of the language, and to train your ears to listen to the voices that you may encounter out in the real world. In order to prepare you for real-life scenarios and support you in becoming conversational in German, our language experts have crafted the latest Babbel podcast for you, “Speaking of Berlin.”

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What it’s about

Berlin is a colourful city that is rich in history. Tune into this podcast to dive deeper into stories told by contemporary Berliners to discover things like what life was like when the Berlin wall fell, how people spend their free time there, or what you may discover on an extended walk around the city.

Language expert Ted will be there by your side to guide you through each story and give you extra insights into vocabulary and grammar used. Train your ears and take your German to the next level with “Speaking of Berlin.”

How to make the most out of this podcast

1. Pick a moment to listen. Ideally when you can relax but also focus, for example while having a cup of coffee, doing some household chores, or while out on a walk by yourself.

2. Read along. There is a transcript for each episode, which you can access here, or by following the link in the episode description. Reading along will help you deepen your comprehension, aid you in memorising any new vocabulary, and give you extra insights into the story.

3. Listen to each episode a few times. We offer bonus episodes that are monolingual – feature just the German story without the host’s narration and explanations. It is a great option to listen to each story on its own a few more times this way, allowing you to maximise your learning with each episode.

So tune in and join us as we explore the German language and capital. Speaking of Berlin, have a listen now!

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