9 Twitter Accounts To Follow If You’re Learning Spanish

Turns out, Twitter is good for more than just ranting about politics.
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If you’re like us, you spend a chunk of time mindlessly scrolling through Twitter every day — laughing at memes, reading political hot takes or just spacing out completely. But if you’re trying to learn a language, Twitter can actually serve a more productive purpose. There are many Spanish Twitter accounts you can follow to pair with your language studies and help reinforce what you’ve learned.

We’ve compiled nine Spanish Twitter handles you should check out and consider following if you’re trying to learn the language.

Spanish Twitter Accounts To Follow

1. SpanishDict @SpanishDict

Vocabulary is the bedrock of language learning, so following accounts that tweet a word of the day in Spanish can serve as the perfect supplement to your studies. Every day, the account tweets a Spanish word with its English translation and two example sentences (each translated into English, as well).

2. U Learn Spanish @spanishvocvoc

This is another good Spanish Twitter account to follow for daily vocabulary words. Might as well get two words of the day! This one is a little different, though. The tweeted words (and phrases) are in English, and you have to click a link to see the Spanish translation.

3. CNN en Español @CNNEE

Consuming news in the language you’re learning is a great way to improve your reading comprehension skills while also giving you a glimpse into the political and cultural aspects of other countries. Start by seeing if you can understand the headline CNN tweets, and then challenge yourself by clicking into the full article.

4. Radio Ambulante @radioambulante

We’re big proponents of using Spanish podcasts to help improve your listening skills, and Radio Ambulante is the best of the best when it comes to podcasts in Spanish. Again, you can start by deciphering the text of each tweet, which is usually a description of the linked podcast episode, and if you’re interested in the topic, try listening to the episode.

5. MemeWord @memewordES

Memes are another great tool for language learning because they generally use simple vocabulary, they’re funny and memorable, and they can give you insights into another culture. This specific meme account includes English translations, making it ideal for language learners.

6. The Spanish Memes @TheSpanishMemes

Once you’ve graduated from translated memes, try your hand at the ones from this account, which are entirely in Spanish. Some of them are silly, but if you can understand them, you’re well on your way to speaking the language!

7. Real Madrid C.F. @realmadrid

This one’s for all you futból (“soccer”) fans out there. Real Madrid is one of the most popular and highest-earning teams in the world, so even if you’re not a fan, you can learn about the intensity of Spanish soccer culture by following them on Twitter. Their tweets will help you pick up some sports-related vocabulary and also feature some great highlight videos.

8. Juanpa Zurita @ElJuanpaZurita

As mentioned in our list of Spanish-speaking YouTubers to subscribe to, Juanpa Zurita is a Mexican comedian and former Vine star who makes videos featuring funny skits and games. His tweets are a mix of links to his YouTube videos, funny or inspirational one-liners and retweets of compliments from his adoring fans. No matter the tweet, you’ll be able to practice your Spanish and might even crack a smile.

9. Superholly @hollyradio

Our final Spanish Twitter account recommendation also made our list of YouTubers. Superholly is bilingual and makes content in both English and Spanish. Her tweets also use a combination of both languages, but she primarily tweets in Spanish, often about politics, her life and her YouTube videos.

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