How To Talk About The Home In Spanish

Mi casa es tu casa.
exterior of a house with a bike parked in front spanish house words

As the popular Spanish expression of hospitality goes, mi casa es tu casa (“my house is your house”). This is a good phrase to keep in your back pocket if you’re planning on entertaining guests anytime soon, but why stop there? At some point, your visitors might ask if you have an extra chair available, or which room they can leave their coat in. You should probably learn a few basic Spanish house words so you can accurately refer to various parts of the home.

Below, you’ll find some of the most common Spanish house words you’re likely to run into, together with audio pronunciation voiced by a native speaker.

*Note: The asterisked words below are regional to Spain. In Latin America, the word for “apartment” is often el apartamento, and occasionally el departamento. Likewise, the word for “floor” in Latin America is el piso, and there are many other alternative words for “refrigerator” in Spanish-speaking countries, including la nevera (Spain), el refrigerador/la refrigeradora (Mexico/Latin America), and la heladera (Argentina and Uruguay).

Essential Spanish House Words

the apartment — el piso*

the house — la casa

the room — la habitación

the kitchen — la cocina

the bathroom — el baño

the bedroom — el dormitorio

the living room — el salón

the floor — el suelo*

the wall — la pared

the door — la puerta

the window — la ventana

the balcony — el balcón

the ceiling — el techo

the roof — el tejado

the stairs — la escalera

the elevator — el ascensor

the furniture — los muebles

the table — la mesa

the chair — la silla

the bed — la cama

the sofa — el sofá

the armchair — el sillón

the bookshelf — la estantería de libros

the shelf — el estante

the dresser — la cómoda

the stool — el taburete

the pantry — el armario de cocina

the stove — la cocina

the fridge — el frigorífico*

the heater — la calefacción

the air conditioner — el sistema de aire acondicionado

the washing machine — la lavadora

the dryer — la secadora

the dishwasher — el lavavajillas

the decor — la decoración

the curtain — la cortina

the carpet — la alfombra

the mirror — el espejo

the lamp — la lámpara

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