Crossword: How Much Do You Know About The Spanish Language?

Test your Spanish smarts and try your luck at this criss-crossed crucigrama.
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Crossword: How Much Do You Know About The Spanish Language?

Learning Spanish can be an experience full of ups and downs. Why not practice it that way? Babbel’s Review Manager is a great way to brush up on what you’re learning, but a fun Spanish crossword puzzle is perfect if you want some extra Spanish language prep that’s more outside the box — if you don’t count the fact that technically, the whole point of crosswords is to make you write inside of the box. Either way, try out this Spanish crossword — called a crucigrama in Spanish — to test yourself on important Spanish words and expressions, differences between Spanish in Spain and in Latin America, and facts and stats about the language itself.

(Note: for the few answers that contain letters with accents — Á or Ó, for this puzzle — learn about how to type them on your computer’s keyboard here or your phone’s keyboard here. Or you can type them directly and copy and paste them from here.)

If you’re stuck, skip to the end to see the clues linked to other articles and videos that can provide hints to the answers. ¡Buena suerte!

Spanish Crossword Clues (And Some Hints)


1 — “Día _ __ ___,” the Spanish name for the Mexican holiday honoring the deceased
4 — the country in the world with the highest number of Spanish speakers
6 — the word for “bicycle” in Spanish
8 — the Spanish word for “when?” (don’t forget the accent!)
9 — the Spanish verb meaning “to need”
10 — the only language in the world that’s spoken by more people than Spanish is
12 — how to say “good evening” in Spanish
14 — the Spanish name for the Spanish language (to distinguish it from the other languages spoken in Spain)
18 — the official language of the pre-conquest Aztecs from which Spanish borrows many words
20 — the word for “cell phone” in Spain (don’t forget the accent!)
21 — how to say “please” in Spanish
22 — the word for “bus” in Argentinian Spanish
23 — how to say “thank you” in Spanish


2 — the country in the world with the second highest number of Spanish speakers
3 — a Spanish pronoun that means “you all” informally and is only used in Spain (masculine form)
4 — a very common way to say “Nice to meet you!” in Spanish
5 — the Spanish word for “hangover”
7 — of the two Spanish verbs meaning “to be,” the one that describes temporary conditions or circumstances
11 — the word for “bus” in Mexican Spanish (don’t forget the accent!)
12 — a Spanish swear word to describe someone with a big mouth, made of the words for “mouth” and “flip-flop”
13 — the name for the Spanish-language television soap operas produced in Latin America
15 — the word for “cell phone” in Latin America
16 — the opposite of “también,” or how to say “neither”/”not either” in Spanish
17 — the Spanish verb meaning “to want”
19 — how to say “I love you” in Spanish

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