How To Talk About Clothes In Spanish

Learn how to get dressed in Spanish with this guide to basic clothing vocabulary.
Spanish clothing represented by five pairs of jeans hung out to dry against a yellow wall.

If you’re like most people, you come into contact with clothes every day. It only makes sense, then, that learning the words for clothes in Spanish is important. Whether you’re shopping for a new outfit or pointing out a stain on someone else’s top, knowing Spanish clothes vocabulary is bound to come in handy.

We’ve put together this quick guide to the most important clothing vocab in Spanish. If you want to hear each word and phrase pronounced by a native speaker, just click the play button next to it.

Spanish Clothes Vocabulary

Summer Clothing

la ropa de verano — the summer clothes

la ropa — the clothes

el vestido — the dress

el pantalón corto — the shorts

la camiseta — the T-shirt

las chanclas — the flip-flops

los zapatos — the shoes

la falda — the skirt

la gorra — the cap

la blusa — the blouse

la camisa — the shirt

el traje de baño — the swimsuit

la chaqueta de punto — the cardigan

las gafas de sol — sunglasses

las sandalias — the sandals

el top — the top

Winter Clothing

la ropa de invierno — the winter clothes

el jersey — the sweater

el pantalón — the pants

la bufanda — the scarf

el gorro — the hat

el abrigo — the jacket

las botas — the boots

las medias — the tights

los calcetines gordos — the thick socks

los vaqueros — the jeans

las orejeras — the earmuffs

los guantes — the gloves

las manoplas — the mittens

Formal Attire

la ropa de etiqueta — the formalwear

el esmoquin — the dinner jacket

el chaleco — the vest

el vestido de noche — the gown

el vestido de coctel — the cocktail dress

las joyas — the jewelry

los zapatos de tacón alto — the high heels

el traje — the suit

la corbata — the tie


la ropa interior — the underwear

los calzoncillos — the underpants

la camisa interior — the undershirt

el pijama — the pajamas

el bóxer — the boxers

las bragas — the panties

el sujetador — the bra

los calcetines — the socks

las medias — the stockings

Useful Phrases

Estoy buscando pantalones verdes. — I am looking for green pants.

Su traje es elegante. — His suit is stylish.

No tengo nada que ponerme. — I have nothing to wear.

¿Tienen estos vaqueros en otro color? — Do you have these jeans in a different color?

¡Ponte zapatos que abriguen! — Wear warm shoes!

He perdido mis guantes. — I lost my gloves.

Hoy hace demasiado calor para llevar una bufanda. — It’s too warm for a scarf today.

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