Quiz: Which Language Should You Learn When You Retire?

You’ve got the time, so what’s it gonna be? Find out whether your appetite for challenge and adventure makes you better-suited to learn Spanish or Mandarin.
which language should you learn

Retirement: it’s a prospect that’s equal parts daunting and exciting. You finally have the time to do whatever you want, but it’s easy to become paralyzed by all that freedom. As many of us know, it’s usually easier (and more fun) to merely talk about all the things we want to do.

As you move into this brave new self-actualization phase of your life, you’ll probably start by narrowing down your options to a small handful of chosen pursuits you can actually stick to.

Just in case you’re not totally convinced already, there are abundant reasons for you to learn a new language when you retire. One of them is merely that you can kill multiple birds with one stone. Learning a new language will not only challenge you and help you stay mentally sharp — it’ll also make you a more well-rounded person and a more adept traveler.

Where to begin? And which language should you learn? The world is a chatty gift that’s waiting to be opened. This quiz can help you figure out where to start.

Wondering where to start?
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