Quiz: What Bad Learning Habit Have You Fallen Into?

The first step to breaking a bad learning habit is to recognize what it is. This handy quiz might be able to point you in the right direction.
bad learning habit

We can spend so much time trying to pick up good habits for learning a language, we might not realize it’s just as important to avoid bad ones. And there are a lot of bad habits. We rounded up six broad categories of bad habits that you might fall into, with some advice on how to get out of them. What happens if you’re not sure which category your bad learning habit falls into? That’s where this quiz comes in: to help you identify what’s stopping you from progressing further.

To be fair, nobody’s learning habits are perfect. Don’t take any results as a personal attack or a catch-all for your problems. The important thing to recognize is that having a little trouble with your progress doesn’t mean learning a language is impossible.

Start picking up some good language-learning habits.
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