Announcing The Winner Of The Punniest Shop Name In The UK Contest

Which puntastic shop takes home the gold?
The best puns in the United Kingdom represented by the Hound of the Basket Meals truck.

To celebrate a peculiarly British form of linguistic wordplay, Babbel launched a nationwide search to crown the punniest shop name in the United Kingdom at the end of 2023.

Babbel’s linguists scoured the internet and social media to compile a shortlist of the top 120 most-shared shop pun names divided by region — from Scotland to the South East and West coast — and put it to the public to vote for their national and regional favourites.

London-based hairdresser Curl Up and Dye, Thai restaurant Thaitanic in Belfast, and computer repairs shop Easy PC in Haddington are just a few of the many shops that competed to have their name crowned as the wittiest.

The UK public has spoken, the votes are in, and Babbel can finally announce the national and regional champions.

And The Punniest Shop Is…

The UK’s favourite shop with a pun-based name goes to Sew It Seams, the Belfast clothing alterations company. Its double-punning may have been what helped it take the lead.

Keeping within the realm of what we wear, second place goes to Wales’ Harlech-based clothing shop Damsel In This Dress. These two were closely followed by removal company Jean Claude Van Man from Southport.

Storefronts of Sew it Seams and Jean Claude Van Man Removals

A Few More Punderful Entries

Don’t fret if your favourite didn’t win, the story wouldn’t be complete without including the regional champions who captured the votes and hearts of the nation.

  • East Midlands: On a Wick and a Prayer, Candle Shop (Ashbourne)
  • East of England: Alley Barber, Barbers (Luton)
  • London: Barber Streisand, Hairdressers (Clerkenwell)
  • North East : Tan Solo, Tanning Shop (Sunderland)
  • North West: Jean Claude Van Man, Removals Van (Southport)
  • Northern Ireland: Sew It Seams, Alterations (Belfast)
  • Scotland: Hairy Pop-Ins, Pet Sitter (Mainland Shetland)
  • South East: Pane in the Glass, Window Repairs (Kent)
  • South West: The Hound of the Basket Meals, Food Van (Dartmoor)
  • Wales: Damsel In This Dress, Clothing Shop (Harlech)
  • West Midlands: Iron Maiden, Ironing Service  (Birmingham)
  • Yorkshire and the Humber: Frying Nemo, Fish and Chip Shop (Goole)

Think you can do better? Opening your own shop just takes a pun and a dream (and probably some initial capital).

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