Why Millions Of Paying Users Chose Babbel To Learn A New Language

Here’s how Babbel stands out from other language learning apps.
Using Babbel To Learn A Language

The options for learning a new language in 2023 are nearly unlimited. This is a great thing overall, but it can also lead to its own problems. With so many options, how do you choose where to start? To help you make your decision, we’ve compiled a guide comparing Babbel to our competitors. If you’ve already made up your mind, you can get started with Babbel right away!

How Babbel Stacks Up To The Competition

New Babbel comaprison guide showing how Babbel stacks up to other premium and freemium language apps.

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Breaking Down Babbel’s Benefits

Learning Tailored To Your Native Language

A native English speaker learning German won’t have the same experience as a native Spanish speaker. While other apps treat every language combination as pretty much the same, Babbel creates each one individually. That way, you can easily see the similarities and differences between the language you’re learning and the language you already know.

Courses Designed By Language Experts

Each of those language combinations mentioned above is created by our team of over a hundred experts. Rather than random sentences, each lesson is made to teach you a language as effectively as possible, bringing you from an absolute beginner to an expert over the course of our lessons.

Culture Bites For Speaking Like A Native

When you’re first learning a language, you might sound a bit more formal than you would usually. That’s because so much of language learning is about getting to know the rules that native speakers completely ignore. With Babbel’s culture bites, we give you some helpful tips to speak more naturally, using the lingo that a native speaker would.

Live Video Classes With Expert Teachers

One of Babbel’s biggest updates in recent years was the introduction of Babbel Live classes. You’ll be able to connect with learners and teachers around the world. Each class is focused on a specific lesson — from simple topics like introducing yourself to complex conversations — each of which is connected to Babbel lessons, so you’ll be able to prepare in advance. It’s the best way to really get speaking.

Explicit Grammar Help

Some apps think it’s best to just go for immersion in a new language, but we think getting grammar guidance will make things a lot easier. We mix vocab with grammar lessons, while making sure you put the new information into practice as quickly as possible. 

In-App Podcasts To Supplement Lessons

Even the best learner probably can’t master a new language using only one kind of learning. In addition to lessons, Babbel has a number of podcasts for people learning German, French, Italian, Spanish or English. Even if you don’t have time to sit down and do a lesson, you can put on a podcast — either in the Babbel app or wherever else you get your podcasts — and add some language to your day.

Speech Recognition Technology

Not ready to speak in front of other people yet? You can still practice your pronunciation! Each Babbel lesson includes speech recognition parts, which let you try out new vocabulary. If you’re trying to do a lesson more discreetly in public, however, you can also turn that feature off.

Games To Mix Up Your Learning

While games can only go so far in teaching you a language, they certainly can be a refreshing break from your usual vocab review. With three games currently to choose from, you’re sure to find a fun way to pass the time while learning.


You could take our word for it, or you could listen to our users. Here’s what a few of them have said:

“With Babbel, you’re speaking full sentences at the end of the first lesson.”
— Gabrielle Salinger

“In Rio, I was actually able to talk to people. It made the whole trip a lot more fulfilling than running around like a tourist. I’m glad Babbel helped me experience that.”
— Evan Martin

“One of my best friends over my entire life is a native Swedish speaker. I can speak to him on the phone, and drop little Swedish words in, and he’s so blown away that this app would teach me how to speak the way a Swede would, in a bar or a restaurant. He’s so impressed by the pronunciation, the inflection, the way I’m using the words.”
— Scott Zweibel

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