Why People Love The Language-Learning App That PC Mag Says ‘Exceeds Expectations’

Find out what people are saying about Babbel around the internet.

Babbel has been around for a while. With over a decade of offering language-learning lessons under our belt, we’ve received quite a bit of praise. And we think that’s worth mentioning.

We could just talk about ourselves, of course, but we figure you’ll want multiple sources. For example, you might want to hear that PC Mag said, “Babbel exceeds expectations, delivering high-quality, self-paced courses.”

Read on for a number of different perspectives on Babbel from users and reviewers alike. Or if you want, you can jump into a free lesson right now to try it out for yourself.

People love how convenient Babbel is

“By being an app-first experience, Babbel gives you the opportunity to be productive during your hour-long commute, or while waiting for a doctor’s appointment.” — Business Insider

“Love it! Very effective, reasonably priced. For me it’s much better than taking a class; a lot cheaper and I can use it in my free time.” —  Sivan

“Very accessible with practical lessons of 5 – 10 minutes. Just right to keep motivated.” — Julian

People appreciate how effective Babbel is

“I used it, for about 3 weeks before a trip to Italy, for almost an hour every day (on the bus/train home from work) and it taught me so much of this language!” — Olivia

“The three review options (writing, flashcards, and speaking) really allow for progressive and strengthened understanding of terms and concepts.” — Jennifer

“I’m refreshing Spanish after a few years of not using it very much. This app is like a textbook come to life. Love that I can start at more advanced levels.” — Maha

“This app has been fantastic for me so far. It starts out with the basic stuff and gradually teaches the more complex aspects. So far, I find the flow to be quite smooth, and very suitable for the average learner.” — Jarren

Best of all, people think Babbel is really useful

“Babbel’s lessons, unlike Duolingo’s, first focus on building basic conversational skills.” — The Economist

“Since the content isn’t user-generated like other apps, each lesson is extremely high quality.” — Slant

“Babbel courses will teach you grammar instead of just throwing endless vocab drills at you.” — Arild

“Really well structured in comparison to European level standards. I studied A1 German with Babbel alongside my books when I moved here, and after a few months I could order food and ask for help in shops.” — Joshua

*According to Priori Data, May 2017

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