The Spanish Office Vocabulary You Need To Suceed

Let’s get to work!

You may have a fuzzy memory of that unit on office vocabulary middle school Spanish class, so it’s probably time for a refresh. Lucky for Spanish language learners, there are over 20,000 Spanish cognates shared with English. A lot of these cognates can be found in the vocabulary for the office.

Many companies today appreciate working proficient bilingualism, especially in Spanish. While we can’t promise you’ll be working proficient in Spanish at the end of this article, some necessary office vocabulary is a good start. We’ll be covering everything from a stapler to an intern to ensure success. 

Learning vocabulary cans seem daunting, but not to worry, there are a multitude of methods to help you memorize successfully. You may already know your learning style, from visual learner to kinesthetic learner there’s one for you. After going over the office vocab that’ll take you to the top, be sure to find the memorization method that works best for you for long lasting remembrance. 

Office Supplies in Spanish

the office — la oficina

file cabinet — el archivador

the desk — el escritorio

the photocopier — la fotocopiadora

the computer — la computadora

the waste bin — la papelera

the notepad — el bloc de notas

the stapler — la grapadora

the tape — la cinta adhesiva

the calendar — el calendario

the printer — la impresora

Office supplies vocabulary in Spanish

Office Roles in Spanish

the employee — el empleado

the manager — el director

the executive — el ejecutivo

account manager — gerente de administración

the intern — el pasante

head of department — jefe de departamento

administrative assistant — empleado administrativo

Other Office Vocabulary in Spanish

conference room — sala de conferencias

the project schedule — el cronograma del proyecto

the account — la cuenta

the meeting — la junta

the department — el departamento

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