How To Talk About Transportation In Norwegian

Sadly, there is no dog-sledding vocab on this list.
A tram driving through a Norwegian city

The idea of getting lost in another country can have a romantic appeal to it. Going off in the Norwegian wilderness with nothing but your intuition and rough lay of the land can feel like the beginning of a Jack London story (one of the ones where the protagonist doesn’t die, of course). Still, in reality you probably want to know how to actually get around. Being lost is a lot less fun when your phone is dead and you can’t communicate to any of the passers-by. You might want to do some preparation beforehand, then. Fortunately, we’ve rounded up the basics of Norwegian transportation vocab to get you on your way (literally!).

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Norwegian Transportation Vocab And Phrases

General Navigation

on the left — på venstre side

on the right — på høyre side

straight ahead — rett fram

Excuse me, can you help me? — Unnskyld, kan du hjelpe meg?

Excuse me, where is the tourist information office? — Unnskyld, hvor ligger turistinformasjonen?


Traveling By Plane

a plane — et fly

an airport — en flyplass

a terminal — en terminal

a luggage — en bagasje

a luggage tag — en adresselapp

hand baggage (carry-on) — en håndbagasje

a flight — et fly

a departure — en avgang

to check in — sjekke inn

a security check — en sikkerhetskontroll

to board — gå ombord

to land — lande


Traveling By Train Or Bus

public transportation — kollektivtrafikk

a bus — en buss

a train — et tog

a subway — en t-bane

a tram — en trikk

a train station — en togstasjon

a ticket — en billett

a platform — en perrong

a stop — en holdeplass

a passenger — en passasjer

an inspector — en kontrollør

a timetable — en ruteplan

to catch — rekke

to validate — stemple


Traveling By Car Or Bike

a car — en bil

a driver — en sjåfør

a windshield wipers — en vindusvisker

a seat belt — et bilbelte

a key — en nøkkel

a driver’s license — et førerkort

to drive — kjøre

to park — parkere

a breakdown — en motorstopp

a bicycle — en sykkel

a cyclist — en syklist

a helmet — en hjelm

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