How To Talk About The Weather In Norwegian

You might not think you’ll need anything besides “cold,” but it’s worth it to brush up on all the Norwegian weather vocab before you visit.
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One you’ve gotten past “Hello” in Norwegian, it can be difficult to know where to go. You might have mastered how to ask for directions and order food, but that won’t help you in a regular social situation. Fortunately, there’s one topic that you can count on to get you out of your conversational jam: the weather. Sure, learning some basic Norwegian weather vocab won’t ensure that you’ll become a master of small talk in the language, but it certainly can’t hurt. And while you’re at it, you’ll be able to check the weather forecast to find out what you’re going to need to wear each day.

The Seasons In Norwegian

a season — en årstid

spring — vår

summer — sommer

autumn — høst

winter — vinter

a rainy season — en regntid

a dry season — en tørketid

Norwegian Weather Vocab

a weather — et vær

a climate — et klima

a sunlight — et sollys

a rain — et regn

a cloud — en sky

a snow — en snø

a wind — en vind

a storm — en storm

tropical — tropisk

temperate — temperert

overcast — skyet

a weather forecast — et værvarsel

a thunder — en torden

a lightning — et lyn

a frost — en frost

a blizzard — en snøstorm

hail — hagl

a drizzle — et duskregn

a rainbow — en regnbue

Norwegian Weather Phrases

What is the weather like? — Hvordan er været?

The sun is shining. — Solen skinner.

The sky is cloudy. — Himmelen er overskyet.

It stopped raining. — Det har sluttet å regne.

A thunderstorm is coming. — Et tordenvær er på vei.

A strong wind is blowing. — Det blåser en veldig kraftig vind.

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