How To Talk About Food And Drink In Norwegian

Get ready to dig into some Norwegian food by digging into Norwegian vocabulary!
A Norwegian dish

When you’re learning a new language, food vocabulary should be one of your first topics. Not only are you sure to encounter food terms when you’re traveling in a new country, but food is also the second-best way to learn about a culture (after language, of course). To give you a jumpstart, we collected some basic Norwegian food vocab. You’ll be reading menus and enjoying pickled herring in no time!

Want to work on your pronunciation? Make sure to click the play button on each word to hear them pronounced by a native speaker.

Meal-Related Words In Norwegian

to eat — spise

to drink — drikke

a restaurant — en restaurant

a fast food — en hurtigmat

a menu — en meny

a breakfast buffet — en frokostbuffé

a dinner — en middag

a main course — en hovedrett

a starter — en forrett

a dessert — en dessert

a waiter — en kelner

a check — en sjekk

to order — bestille

a vegetarian — en vegetarianer

a tip — et tips

Food In Norwegian

a fish soup — en fiskesuppe

a fruit salad — en fruktsalat

bread — et brød

pasta — pasta

a tomato — en tomat

a cheese — en ost

rice — ris

a potato — en potet

a fruit — en frukt

vegetables — grønnsaker

beef — oksekjøtt

pork — svinekjøtt

a poultry — et fjørfe

fish — en fisk

a sausage — en pølse

a steak — en steik

Drinks In Norwegian

a drink — en drikke

a beer — en øl

a wine — en vin

a tap water — vann fra springen

a mineral water — et mineralvann

a juice — en juice

a tea — en te

a coffee — en kaffe

milk — melk

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