Your Monthly Nebulous Nomad Forecast: May 2018

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Your Monthly Nebulous Nomad Forecast: May 2018

Restless leg syndrome keeping you up at night? Early this month in May’s horoscope, you can blame it on Uranus — the planet of shock, upsets and agitated nerves — being parked at the very urgent and tense 29th degree of Aries.

This also means that Uranus is poised to enter Taurus on the 15th (and on the same day as the new moon in the same sign).

Uranus changing signs is probably the biggest astrological headline of the year, and that’s because Uranus is a slow-moving planet that only changes signs once every seven years. Uranian themes involve freedom, change, transcending limitations and breaking free from old, comfortable patterns. And no sign loves its cozy habits more than Taurus does.

This month, consider all the ways you actively resist change — even if it’s a passive resistance that stems from your obedience to routine. Then, think of all the places you’d go if there was truly nothing holding you back.

On May 20, the Sun leaves Taurus to usher in the month of Gemini, which is peak language-learning season — and a full moon in adventure-seeking Sagittarius on the 29th puts an exclamation mark on all things travel-related.

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April showers really do bring May flowers, especially when the month begins with you tending to your cash crops. The first three weeks of this month provide ample opportunity to concoct a mad scientist’s approach to making it rain, especially once inventive Uranus moves into your financial sector on May 15, where it’ll mostly stay for the next seven to eight years.

You’ve got a new moon happening in this same part of your chart on the same day, so the cosmic counsel couldn’t be clearer: draft an inspiring hypothesis for your grand money experiment, and then get to work over the coming days. Uranus is a liberator, so maybe you’ll work out a way to generate passive income over the next few years that won’t limit your income to how many hours you’re willing to work every week. And the math equation is simple: more money, more travel for you.

On May 20, the Sun enters Gemini and ushers in a month of stimulating conversations, language lessons and short trips around town. Gemini is a sign that loves variety, and for the next four weeks you might surprise yourself with how much diversity you’ll find in your own backyard — and how much opportunity there is to immerse yourself in other languages without traveling very far.

The month ends with an inspiring Sagittarius full moon on May 29 lighting up your house of travel and adventure. Whatever’s blooming into existence for you at this time is a surefire answer to the seeds you planted around the corresponding new moon in December. And if your international forays are not meeting your expectations at this time, then you’ll know exactly where to correct course for the future.



It’s not just a birthday month for you, Taurus. It’s a birthday era. Change-agent Uranus has been stirring up some surprises for you behind the scenes for the last seven years, but most of this change occurred on a quiet, subconscious level that wasn’t entirely obvious to everyone else. If nothing else, you probably just had a really hard time getting a solid night’s worth of rest in recent years.

Get ready for that to change once Uranus enters your sign on May 15 on the same day as the Taurus new moon. These next seven to eight years will be some of the most surprising and transformational years of your life, full of reinventions, wacky makeovers and liberating moves that’ll coax the True New You out of hiding. As you shed your hesitation to let it all hang out, the quality of your relationships will change along with you — which may or may not mean you’ll have to part ways with people who can’t handle you at your most authentic.

To usher in this period, spend time on the 15th drafting up a vision of who you want to become over the next few years. When you shake up your self-presentation, your relationship to the rest of the world changes, so this could also be a good time to think about the kinds of connections you’d like to make on your travels.

The 13th through the 18th will also be a period of time to mark on your calendar, because both Mercury and Venus will be in your sign at the same time. If you need to chat someone up, practice your language skills or just plain charm someone’s socks off, this would be the time to do it.



If you’ve been in la la land since late April, we can’t entirely blame you — but you can certainly blame the cosmos. With the Sun in nap-loving Taurus (and your sleepy 12th house), you’ve probably had less energy than usual to participate in the Gemini trivia game of life.

Pay attention to these themes of rest, recovery, closure, meditation, and retreat, because they’re receiving a whole lot of emphasis this year (and the next, and the next). That’s because Uranus will be entering the sign of Taurus on the 15th, where it’ll mostly stay for the next seven to eight years. With Uranus in Aries since 2010/2011, you’ve probably seen your fair share of flux rewire your relationship to technology, the groups and associations you hang with, and your hopes and dreams for the future. In this next phase of your Uranian journey, you might experiment with newfangled meditation techniques (have you tried an app?), create an anonymous persona online (Geminis do love their aliases), or experience twists and turns that ultimately bring closure to your life and help you let go of old tendencies.

From a travel perspective, the 12th house could also certainly involve relaxing vacations and meditation retreats, so if an unconventional or unusual getaway is beckoning to you now, definitely take the bait.

After May 16, Mars will also be in Aquarius and your worldly ninth house, which gives you extra jet fuel to take on the world and expand your sense of community through travel.

Once the Sun enters your sign on the 20th, it’ll be birthday season for you, and you’ll be feeling ready to come out of hiding. Set some inspiring goals for the year ahead — hopefully one that involves lots of conversations with the world.



May finds you spending more time than usual with your community, and your relationship to your flock is about to experience a whole lot of change. That’s because revolutionary Uranus is entering this part of your chart on May 15, where it’ll be shaking things up for the next seven to eight years.

Since 2010/2011, Uranus in Aries has brought radical changes to your career path, your reputation and your social standing in the public eye. Uranus has an anarchistic heart, and this transit could have also made it harder than usual to obey authority figures. With Uranus in your zone of friendships and groups, you might surprise yourself with who you associate with over the next few years. You could become a card-carrying member of all kinds of unusual groups, or perhaps leave friends behind who aren’t adjusting to your groovy new tune. The 11th house and Uranus both involve technology, so this period could come with its fair share of electronic innovation as well. Perhaps you’ll incorporate more apps in your language-learning and travel forays? The world is your digital oyster, crab.

On May 19, Venus enters your sign for about three weeks, which is great news for your selfies and even better news for your social life. The chatty Gemini energy that pervades this month is excellent for language learning, conversation, and being open to different kinds of people, and though you tend toward shyness in new situations, these blessings from Venus could help you feel more confident and social.

The end of the month (particularly around May 25) should also be excellent for travel. World-expanding Jupiter makes a lovely trine with idealistic Neptune in your ninth house of international adventures, making it even easier than usual to experience the world with rose-tinted glasses (and on an inspirational swell).



Having your fun in the spotlight? May finds you in the midst of peak career season, a time of year that’s also associated with acclaim, recognition and your sense of standing in society. This year, though, your annual review will find you up for promotion in a much more dramatic sense.

That’s because change-agent Uranus will be entering this part of your chart on May 15, where it’ll stay for the next seven to eight years. Who knows what crazy mantle you’ll assume in the world in the midst of that process. Your entire career path might change, or you might find a place in the public eye for your most unusual talents.

The other significant thing about Uranus changing signs is that it’s leaving Aries, which is the part of your chart associated with travel, education and philosophy. Where does your belief system stand now that you’re on the other side of this transit? You probably flirted with one or two rather unusual ones during this process. What degrees or diplomas, both real and metaphorical, did you graduate with during this time? You may have taken your studies in a rather unconventional direction. What kinds of places did you travel to over the last few years? Perhaps a few oddball or off-the-beaten-track locations.

Either way, be sure to set some ambitious goals on the 15th (a new moon, also in Taurus, provides the perfect conditions for this).

Then get ready for your ruler, the Sun, to usher in Gemini season: a chatty, curious time for everyone that, for you, involves your social scene. See if you can’t find a language-learning Meetup group in your area, or an opportunity to bring disparate groups of friends together to mingle (an intercultural exchange, if you will).



It’s Taurus Season, and that means you’re already deep in the midst of your annual peak travel month. If you’re not backpacking through Laos as we speak, you’re probably giving a lot of thought to your worldview, your belief system and your most ambitious international goals and ambitions.

You won’t want to skip this evaluation, because this area of your chart is about to get seriously lit once revolutionary Uranus enters Taurus on the 15th (and on the same day as the Taurus new moon, no less). Uranus spends about seven years in each sign, so this is a big deal. When it was touring Aries, starting in 2010/2011, it more than likely stirred up your fight or flight responses by shocking you into dealing with your trauma. You may have also navigated some financial ups and downs as your shared bank accounts, investments, taxes and debts threw you for a loop. Now get ready for a philosophical revolution that’ll change the way you conceptualize the world — and will probably also send you to one or two far-flung and off-the-beaten-path locales.

Be sure to set your new moon intentions for this cycle on the 15th, and try to carve out some time for language-learning after Mercury enters this part of your chart on the 13th. Mercury is the planet of learning and communication, and Taurus is a sign that likes to take its time, so a gradual, meditative pace will work best for you these next couple weeks.

The Sun enters Gemini on the 20th, ushering in a month of major career wins for Team Virgo, as well as an opportunity to bring Gemini’s multilingual, communicative ways ever further into your public role.



You, dear Libra, are someone who would rather avoid dark or unpleasant topics, but as the Sun moves through Taurus until May 20, you’ll be compelled to address some of your latent fears and anxieties, as well as move toward greater intimacy in your relationships. Much as you’d prefer to keep things light and cordial sometimes, we all need to feel safe enough to share deeply with others, and that’s largely what this month will be about for you.

This dark corner of your chart is also about to get electrified in a big way, because Uranus will be entering Taurus on the 15th on the same day as the Taurus new moon, and it’ll stay there for the next seven to eight years. When Uranus was in Aries starting in 2010/2011, your relationships were the hot seat for a whole lot of flux and unpredictability. Perhaps you found it hard to rely on other people, or maybe your relationship to relationships itself was transformed, leaving you in a much less codependent state that has all the hallmarks of Uranian freedom. Now, get ready for Uranus to bring its wild-card energy to your shared bank accounts, investments, taxes and debts, or to potentially shock you by introducing you to some surprising, hidden aspects of your psyche. Perhaps there’ll be a change in your partner’s income that’ll affect how much travel you can budget for (for better or for worse).

Ultimately, Uranian forces can really go either way, and since Taurus rules money, you might as well set an intention on the 15th to receive an unexpected windfall.

Then, pack your bags for the Sun’s annual tour through Gemini, which starts on the 20th. This is peak travel season for you, and since Gemini loves to dabble and experience things in pairs or multiples, see if you can book a trip with multiple pit stops that lets you get a taste of a few different cities.

You’ll also have Venus in this sign until the 19th, which makes the beginning of this month great for connecting with people from other cultures. And then, once Mercury enters Gemini on the 29th, you’ll have added brainpower for practicing foreign languages. Take advantage!



As the month opens, your legendary gaze is focused on your closest relationships. Whether you’ll spend Taurus season holed up with bae or merely paying more attention to how you relate to others (and this includes your known enemies, oh polarizing one), this aspect of your life is about to get shaken up in a major way.

Uranus, planet of flux and surprises, will be sending its wild-card energy toward your partnership house once it enters Taurus on the 15th, and it’ll stay there for the next seven to eight years. When Uranus was in Aries starting in 2010/2011, your daily routine and work schedule probably went through more than a few ups and downs that ultimately freed you from an overly rigid day-to-day existence. Now, Uranus wants to free you from any overly codependent tendencies you’re harboring (which is kind of tough for a sign like you, who craves passion and depth and figuratively wants to merge completely with another). Other people may behave unpredictably during this transit, and you may jump in and out of relationships so quickly your head might spin. If you’re in a relationship that’s outgrown its purpose, get ready for those stale vibes to run their course.

Whether you’re merely reinventing an important relationship or setting off on your own, traveling is always an excellent way to find yourself (or find yourself in relation to the person you’re with).

Once Venus enters Cancer on the 19th, you’ll really enjoy connecting with people from other cultures, so you might as well get on the road. Cancer is a sign that loves intimate, cozy get-togethers, so try to avoid loud, boisterous parties and try to get to know people in a quieter environment (like, say, at a dinner party).



You’re someone who tends to be a little all over the map (literally and figuratively speaking), so focusing on organization and routines is generally not your cup of tea. But with Taurus season comes the cosmic imperative to ground yourself (as the bull does) and focus on the little mundane aspects of your world that keep your life running smoothly.

This very practical area of your chart is actually about to get hella ungrounded, however, but that’s a more long-term process. Uranus will visit this part of your chart on May 15 and stay there for the next seven to eight years, throwing your work schedule, daily routine and health practices into flux. Though you’re a sign that tends to be okay with a bit of disorganization, the ultimate purpose of this transit will be to free you from the shackles of any routines and schedules that stifle you — great news for a rollicking centaur who hates to be contained. As the zodiac’s ultimate travel buff, you may resent working a 9 to 5 that keeps you tethered to one place all the time, so perhaps this transit will free you to work more remotely, and more on your own terms.

The end of the month will be a visionary time for travel in general as your ruling planet, worldly Jupiter, trines Neptune on the 25th, creating an inspired, larger-than-life movie screen on which to project your experience of the world. This transit will stir up old, nostalgic memories of your childhood and perhaps elements of your subconscious dream life, so see if you can visit a special place from your past.

The month ends with a bang, otherwise known as the Sagittarius full moon on the 29th. Celebrate the strides you’ve taken to grow and improve — you’ve earned it.



It’s not entirely fair that you get characterized as “all work, no play.” You tend to party twice as hard, and that’s because you work twice as hard. And with Taurus season comes your annual permission slip to go find your joy — whether it’s by going out, socializing, spending time in your studio, or focusing on the hobbies and things you like to do for fun.

As a matter of fact, these things are about to get infused with a mega dose of weird once Uranus moves into this part of your chart on the 15th, where it’ll mostly stay for the next seven to eight years. With Uranus in Aries since 2010/2011, your living situation probably weathered its fair share of unpredictability, and your family may have surprised you in a big way. Once Uranus enters Taurus, you’ll have cosmic permission to adopt a mad scientist approach to your creative expression (something you’ll still probably approach with your characteristic sense of rigor), as well as seek fun and pleasure in unconventional places. Taurus is a sign that loves foodie pleasures, so perhaps you’ll fulfill this quest by sampling weird eats around the globe?

A good day to think, plan, and strategize for all of this will be the 18th, and after the 19th, you may be more inclined to seek partnership in your activities, so try to plan for two if you’re going anywhere this month.

The Sun enters Gemini on the 20th, encouraging you to drill down on your health and routines for the next month (you know, something you’ll need to consider to sustain your whirlwind tour of fun). You tend to be kind of hard on yourself, Cap, and you might be overly rigid about how you approach your day-to-day existence. Make sure you’re incorporating some of that Gemini flexibility into your schedule.



Home is where the heart is, and as May begins you may find yourself skipping the jet-setting and tending the hearth instead — or maybe taking home with you, in a sense, by going on a family trip. Perhaps a journey to acquaint yourself with your roots?

Pay special attention to these themes this month, because your modern ruling planet, Uranus, is about to enter this part of your chart on the 15th (and stay there for the next seven to eight years). Since 2010/2011, Uranus was in Aries, where it revolutionized your writing style and made you into an even more shocking communicator than usual (and that’s saying something for a sign that’s known to love shock value). You may have also weathered some ups and downs with your siblings or roommates, or moved to a neighborhood full of unconventional types. With Uranus moving into Taurus, or your domestic zone, your sense of “home” might shift a few times over the course of the next few years. Perhaps you’ll become a little nomadic and rootless as you travel the globe, or perhaps you’ll move once or twice. Perhaps you’ll also discover surprising things about your ancestry or roots.

Either way, it seems a trip to your country or city of ancestry would not be a terrible idea. There’s a new moon in Taurus on the 15th, so spend time thinking about any ancestral explorations you’d like to pursue.

The next day, Mars enters your sign for a spell, empowering you to put your needs first and push your personal agenda forward.

The Sun moves into Gemini on the 20th, giving you a month to focus on fun and creative expression. Gemini is the ultimate sign of language-learning, so this would be a great time to boost your studies by consuming foreign-language poetry or movies — especially after the 29th, when Mercury boosts this area of your chart with added brainpower.



May might find you floating around your local neighborhood moreso than a far-flung country, but with a go-with-the-flow type like you, one truly never knows. Taurus season also coincides with an added focus on your communication skills, so if you’ve been meaning to dig deeper with a language you’re studying, now would be a great time. Taurus is a steady sign that’s all about gradual progress and follow-through.

Definitely give these things some thought, because Uranus is about to enter Taurus on the 15th, where it’ll stay for the next seven to eight years. This is a big deal — more than likely the only time Uranus will visit this part of your chart in your lifetime. When it was in Aries, starting in 2010/2011, you probably experienced some financial ups and downs and came up with inventive new ways to bring in added cash flow.

With Uranus transiting Taurus, you might find yourself exploring new and unusual concepts and branching out into unconventional modes of communication (Uranus rules technology, which can certainly be a vehicle for this process). You might also explore newfangled ways of learning (a language-learning app could certainly count), or encounter unusual types in your local neighborhood who open you up to new ways of thinking.

You’ll probably love the end of the month, too. Your two co-ruling planets, Jupiter and Neptune, form an inspiring, dreamy trine on the 25th. Jupiter has been making it rain with possibilities in your travel zone since October, and Neptune has been in your sign for the past few years, helping you discover the poetic ideal of your persona. This definitely calls for a vision quest or a soul-affirming journey of some kind, so aim to spend it somewhere magical.

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