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Your Monthly Nebulous Nomad Forecast: January 2018

Babbel presents monthly horoscopes for travelers, adventurers and the globally curious.
Your Monthly Nebulous Nomad Forecast: January 2018

Happy New Year, cross-country bumpkins! This month finds us in the dead winter of Capricorn season, which is all about hard work and realism — not the most exciting time for a freewheeling journey. Even the wildest vagabonds among us need to earn our daily bread somehow, however, so the beginning of January will be all about landing a gig or putting in the extra hours to support your travel habit — or perhaps learning about traditions, governments and institutions in other countries (which are also associated with the sign of Capricorn).

January also kicks off with a full moon in homebody Cancer right on Jan. 1, but at least Mercury is no longer retrograde this month. Well, kind of. Mercury is still technically climbing out of its retrograde post-shadow, which means there could still be minor lingering travel snafus until the 10th, but nothing quite like we experienced in December.

When Mars and Jupiter meet on Jan. 6, the proactive potential of Mars combines with the adventurous spirit of Jupiter to ignite our dreams for the new year ahead.

Then, when Mercury enters diligent Capricorn on the 11th, newly refocused from its retrograde hijinks, we’ll be in an even better position to draft a feasible plan to make it all happen. Mercury will also cross paths with Saturn on Jan. 13, which is great for understanding potential roadblocks and limitations.

On Jan. 19, the sun leaves Capricorn and ushers in the weird, futuristic month of Aquarius. We’ll be more inclined to look ahead at this time (and perhaps come up with some radical, outside-the-box travel plans).

Mars enters knowledge-seeking, globetrotting Sagittarius on the 26th, giving us the stamina and the follow-through to crack open a new book (or a new corner of the globe).

The real showstopper this month, though? The lunar eclipse in Leo on Jan. 31, which can be felt for a couple weeks before and after the actual event. Eclipses bring sudden, rapid change — often endings of some kind when they coincide with the full moon. Where will you be when January ends? Only one way to find out. But in the meantime, here’s an educated guess.


Early January turns your attention to the competing demands of your public and private life. This is particularly true on Jan. 1, when the full moon brings a domestic issue to a head in the midst of a month that’s been all about that work. No matter how much time you spend on the road, Aries, you can’t entirely neglect the place where you lay your head at night. Alternatively, this full moon might bring a revelation from your past (like, your deep past). Perhaps a genetic testing kit someone gifted you over the holidays will reveal some interesting knowledge about your cultural roots, which might then spur a pilgrimage in 2018? Either way, you’ll feel ultra-motivated to dig beneath the surface of things on the 6th, but ideally, you’ll wait until the Sagittarius moon on the 12th or 13th to develop your vision (or your travel plans). When the sun enters Aquarius on the 19th, you’ll find yourself in good company, because this is the part of the zodiac associated with your groups and networks. Think of the social scenes you belong to, or perhaps the Facebook groups you’re part of. Can crowdsourcing help you find your way to your next adventure? Strike while the iron is hot, which is when the moon is in your sign on the 22nd and 23rd. Mars enters your travel zone on Jan. 26, putting cosmic fuel in your tanks for the next few weeks, so it’ll be a good time for any physically demanding, high-octane trips you’ve had on your mind. The eclipse on the 31st might bring a swift, dramatic ending to a romance or a creative project you’ve been nursing for too long, so at least you’ll be in a position to sweat out any tension you might be feeling.


January finds you smack in the middle of the most visionary, travel-oriented month of the year for you. Where to, oh Taurean one? If you didn’t already treat yourself to a much-deserved holiday trip, you might find yourself taking off to parts unknown in early January — perhaps over the long weekend around Jan. 15. The new moon in Capricorn on the 16th will be an especially good day to set travel-related intentions for the new year, so why not do it from an inspired place, far away from your usual drudgeries? That said, the full moon on the 1st might clue you into some overlooked potential in your own backyard. When Venus gets in talks with Jupiter on the 8th, you might learn about a luxe, pleasurable adventure idea you’ll want to experience as part of a pair — either with your S.O. or a special platonic friend. Both Venus and Jupiter provoke spendy tendencies, which is kryptonite for your sign, so just make sure to budget accordingly. When your ruling planet, Venus, squares unconventional Uranus on Jan. 13, you’ll feel especially restless — like you’re just dying to try something new. You’ll be especially drawn to alternative nightlife in foreign countries at this time. You only live once, you know? Once Venus enters Aquarius on the 17th (and the sun follows suit on the 19th), you’ll be burning the midnight oil again in pursuit of your loftiest career goals, so it wouldn’t hurt to feel refreshed and recharged going into this period. The end of this month could bring some particularly unexpected endings, Taurus — you, along with Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, are the most likely to experience a radical shift. Brace yourself for plot twists involving your living situation, family, home life or ancestry, and don’t be afraid to take a pilgrimage to your motherland if it feels appropriate to do so.


January stands to be an unusually brooding, moody month for your normally chatty and lighthearted sign, but the full moon on Jan. 1 could bring a major development to your money situation, or perhaps a nice, fat check in the mail. So, at least there’s that. With more money in the bank comes more opportunities to spend it all on travel, and after several weeks of mayhem from your ruling planet, Mercury, you’ll be bursting to get on the road (and with minimal disruption this time). Fortunately, Aquarius season is right around the bend, which is personally the best time for you to travel. Venus enters this part of your chart on the 17th, and the sun follows suit on the 19th. Expect pleasure, fun and intellectual expansion to color the month ahead. In the meantime, a Mercury and Uranus alignment on Jan. 6 will stimulate your higher mind and fill you with lots of inventive ideas, particularly ones that involve the people you associate with most frequently. Don’t overlook the people in your corner, Gem. They might be full of interesting facts and ideas that’ll stimulate your curious mind and inspire your next reading list. After your ruler, Mercury, enters Capricorn on the 11th, you’ll be in especially fine form to dig deep and do some research over the next couple of weeks. Try not to feel too discouraged by what you learn on the 13th, because as we mentioned before, you’ll be leaving on a jet plane pretty soon. The sun’s entry into Aquarius also coincides with a dreamy hookup between Mercury and Neptune, as well as a Pisces moon — perfect for escaping into fantasy land for a bit. Your horizons expand easily on the 25th, and the eclipse at the end of the month could very well bring a sudden denouement involving your neighborhood, car, a writing project you’ve been working on, or a conversation that’s been in the process of unfolding. Perhaps you’ll really have the last word this time, Gemini — not that that’s hard for your famously talkative sign.


January arrives with much fanfare for crustaceans like yourself. With a full moon in your sign on Jan. 1, who knows what kinds of personal accomplishments you’ll be toasting to when the clock strikes zero? Pat yourself on the back — er, shell — for everything you did right in 2017, but then start drafting some goals for 2018. January might be a very relationship-oriented month for you, but the lunar eclipse on the 31st could deliver a bit of a fated surprise around your financials. It’s somewhat possible that you might lose a source of income around this time, but the eclipse is also hitting the part of your chart associated with possessions and self-worth, so perhaps you’ll merely find yourself shedding a limiting belief around your value, or in the midst of a decluttering frenzy at the end of the month. Your sentimental sign loves collecting, hoarding and holding onto your stuff, but possessions can really weigh you down when you’re traveling. The new moon on Jan. 16 will be a fine day to “start over” regarding any relationship issues that have been vying for your attention this month. If your significant other is your most significant travel partner, you’ll definitely want to be on the same page at this time, or at least make a cooperative effort to dream up some travel plans for the new year. After the sun enters Aquarius on the 19th, you’ll be asking each other all kinds of touchy, intimate questions that you might normally avoid, or perhaps even taking a more fearless look at your shared finances. Single? Aquarius season can usher in a steamy, soulful connection, or perhaps set the stage for a productive exploration of your intimacy hangups. If that sounds like heavy work, the 19th, 20th and 21st coincide with a Pisces moon in your house of travel, so give yourself permission to let your brain (or body) escape to a faraway place.


You might be uncharacteristically willing to turn down superfluous party invites in January, because the lion’s share of this month (see what we did there?) will be about getting organized and firming up your healthy habits. Starting 2018 off on a hyper-diligent foot will be key to accomplishing all your loftiest goals this year, and if you can stay focused now, you should have plenty of leeway for travel in the coming year. The full moon on Jan. 1 will be a great occasion for dreams and nightlife, however. Your subconscious is trying to tell you something important right now, and you’ll be more receptive to it when you’re not completely grounded in reality. Your ruling planet, the sun, hooks up with dreamy Neptune the following day, illuminating the intangible messages that are making their way to you now. Uranus, the planet of change and disruption, has been shoring up all kinds of twists and surprises in the travel and higher learning sector of your chart since 2011. Watch out for an insightful message surrounding these themes on the 6th — especially if it has to do with romance or creativity — but brace yourself for potential conflicts on the 13th, 14th and 28th. The conflict could be internal, or it could be with another person in your life. There’s a restlessness that’s been driving you to clamor for open spaces over the last couple of years, perhaps spurring a spontaneous one-way ticket to wherever. Have these urges stirred up opposition in your world? When the sun enters Aquarius and your house of partnership on Jan. 19, the matter of “other people” will figure even more largely into the picture. The Aries moon on the 22nd and 23rd will be a great occasion for planning your next trip, but stay flexible. The full moon eclipse on Jan. 31 occurs in your sign, so there could be a whole lot of ch-ch-ch-changes on the docket for you. That is, if there haven’t been already. Most of the eclipses in 2017 also occurred right on your doorstep, and perhaps this month’s event will provide a continuation of this narrative.


Hopefully, you gave yourself permission to cut loose over the holidays, because January will also be mostly about fun, play and creativity. Virgos can sometimes get too caught up in their perfectionism trips to let the light of day shine on their creative output, so if you’re feeling stuck in this regard, try to make it a point to get your dose of culture this month (think: movies, theater, spoken word performances; art of any kind, really). You’ll be back to your familiar haunts of list-making and organizing after the sun enters Aquarius on Jan. 19 anyway, so if you’re traveling for the holidays, make sure to read up on the arts scene while you’re there. The 3rd will be an especially potent time for you to feel inspired by cross-cultural music, art and beauty. You’ll appreciate it even more if you experience it with a dreamy bae. Sudden insights abound on Jan. 6, particularly if they involve some private, intimate matters you’ve been mulling over since December. The 8th will be a great day for a short trip motivated by pleasure and experiential pursuits, and the 9th might find you uncovering some deep insights around these themes. Try not to give into pessimism and doubt on Jan. 13, because you might run up against some tension between breezy, superficial pleasure and a desire for radical intimacy in everything you do. Keep in mind that you can make room for both in your travels — these don’t have to be mutually exclusive. The Taurus moon on the 24th and 25th will set the mood for you to think concretely about upcoming travel and higher knowledge pursuits, especially on the latter day, when your ruling planet Mercury makes a communicative angle to worldly Jupiter in your house of writing and short-distance travel. Perhaps there’s a travel blog in your near future? Either way, you’ll learn more about what the following weeks have in store for you around the eclipse on Jan. 31, which might give you sudden, healing closure around an issue that’s been in the process of ending for quite some time now. At least now you’ll be able to move on unencumbered.


You might be more in favor of a cozy, intimate New Year’s Eve celebration at home, and in fact, that’s where most of January is likely to find you — shacked up inside. That’s not to say you’ll be totally opposed to leaving the house. It’s just to say that your travels this month might involve an element of “taking home with you wherever you go,” so this could certainly spell “family vacation,” or at least a homey Airbnb accommodation. Still, the full moon in your career sector on Jan. 1 could spell a major work victory (or perhaps a milestone for your brand), so celebrate your accomplishments with your nearest and dearest. After the sun and your ruling planet, Venus, move into Aquarius (they’ll both be in this sign by Jan. 19), you’ll break out of your cozy cocoon and have more energy to tour the cultural and artsy attractions your sophisticated sign loves. A helpful hookup between Venus and Jupiter on the 8th could present some sort of money-making opportunity involving your home. Airbnb much? Renting out your home while you’re away can help finance your travel, so this wouldn’t be a bad move on your part, Libra. Some interesting alignments on the 9th in this part of your chart will also reveal some secrets, or perhaps illuminate the hidden value of your home, so all signs point to “hidden cash cow.” Just watch for unpredictable behavior from a partner or a close relation on the 13th. It’s possible this person doesn’t share your values on this matter. The 26th and 27th are your best days for travel (or dreaming up future adventures) this month, but the lunar eclipse on Jan. 31 could very likely overshadow the rest of January with some sort of swift development involving your network. It’s highly possible that you’ve experienced some life-changing shifts through the groups and associations you belong to in 2017, and this month’s eclipse could be the final straw regarding one particular organization you’ve potentially outgrown. Think hard about how your network has been helping or hindering your worldly pursuits.


Did you manage to take any holiday jaunts over the break to a nearby town or city? For the first three weeks of January, the cosmos continue to prop you up in your efforts to explore neighboring places (or perhaps just your own neighborhood). You might feel momentarily unsatisfied by these short-distance trips on Jan. 1, when a full moon in Cancer lights up your house of distant travel. Use this inspiration to dream up a grand summer adventure, but don’t let it distract you from the veritable treasures in your own backyard, Scorpio. Besides — once the sun and Venus enter Aquarius later in the month, you’ll be even less inclined to leave your home. The 6th stands to be an especially powerful day for adventure and broadening your horizons, and you’ll have the stamina to uncover something potentially juicy during one of your mini adventures on Jan. 8. Don’t be afraid to share what you’ve discovered on the following day, when social Venus and the expressive sun align with your modern ruler, Pluto, and your traditional ruler, Mars. The Moon also enters your sign that afternoon, so people will be especially tuned into your wavelength for the next couple of days. If all of these revelations have prompted a new idea or initiative, use the new moon on Jan. 16 to launch your new neighborhood news blog (or your podcast for locals in search of affordable day trips. You get the picture). You might remember a hidden resource or secret that can help you with this project on Jan. 24, and once Mars enters Sagittarius on the 26th, you’ll have extra money-making mojo in your corner for the next several weeks to finance your endeavors. With all of that said, let’s talk about this eclipse coming up on the 31st, Scorp. You, Aquarius, Taurus and Leo will probably feel this the most, assuming 2017’s eclipses haven’t already flipped your world around. Watch out for any sudden endings or developments involving your career or your public image. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’re gonna get canned, but if you’re stressed about losing a job, just remember that eclipses bring fateful changes that can ultimately bring you closer to your destiny (or your version of “living your best life,” if you don’t believe in that kind of thing).


This month might find you with your money on your mind. For a visionary, big-picture kind of person like you, sitting down and doing nitty-gritty budgeting work isn’t necessarily your favorite cup of tea. Then again, no one is motivated by adventure quite like you are, Sag, so if you need a reason to keep going, carve out a tempting chunk of change you can allocate to your travel budget this year. You might also dream up (or pursue) an additional income stream in January, which is also an effective way to boost your financial prospects. Additionally, watch out for any sort of culmination or realization surrounding any debts, tax-related matters, inheritances or joint finances early in the month. The full moon will light up the shared resources sector of your chart, and if you have a tendency to travel with a partner, money matters could vie for your joint attention at this time. You’ll be itching to hit the road again during the Leo moon on Jan. 3 and 4, and this wanderlust could very well bring a foreshadowing of what’s to come during the Leo eclipse, which is hitting the travel sector of your chart at the end of January. One chapter of your global-expansion or higher-learning story might end now, only for another to begin. Perhaps you’ll be handing in your thesis or scooping up a much-deserved diploma around this time, or maybe you’ll have second thoughts about the degree you’re currently working toward. Perhaps you’ve been working with an international company or organization, and the partnership has run its course. Maybe it’s something as simple as vowing to never fly with a certain airline again (you know which one). Some key dates for you this month include Jan. 6, which could bring empowering knowledge to you through the medium of dreams or spirituality, and Jan. 8, when you could easily cash in on these insights — and potentially even invest on the 15th. Mars also enters your sign on the 26th, giving you the energy and assertive potential to totally crush it over the coming weeks. This would be a great time to head off on an athletic adventure (think: skiing, hiking, surfing — you get the idea).


Happy birthday, Cap! The first three weeks of January are basically a continuation of the party that is you (No, really. You’re not as serious as you make yourself out to be). Though the full moon on Jan. 1 will probably bring things to a head within a close relationship of yours, this month is largely about you and your vision for yourself in the coming year. Think of the new moon in your sign on the 16th as a personal New Year’s Day of sorts. Just imagine the places you’ll go and the things you’ll see — especially after messenger Mercury enters your sign on Jan. 11 and speeds up the rate of your mental (and physical) activity. Mercury, which generally governs transportation, presides over the part of your chart associated with travel and adventure. You might have favored outdoorsy trips throughout much of December when Mercury was in Sagittarius, which may have been foiled due to the retrograde. Once Mercury is in your sign, you’ll be more inclined to seek old, storied places that have historically served as a seat of power. Is Greece or Rome next in your itinerary? Watch for a helpful (if not slightly sober and depressing) realization on Jan. 13, and get ready to hustle and make some money — something your hardworking sign does best — once Venus and the sun enter Aquarius on Jan. 17 and 19, respectively. The game changes around the 31st thanks to the lunar eclipse, which may radically affect your joint finances, debts, investments or taxes (hey, it’s almost tax season). Alternatively, this eclipse could provoke a sea change around your notoriously buttoned-up approach to intimacy, or sharing of the emotional variety. Perhaps there’s an addiction, obsession or source of shame that’s kept you shackled in a mental sense, which has a funny way of limiting you in your ability to move freely throughout the world. What shifted in these parts of your life throughout 2017? Expect the end of January to provide some sort of closure or follow-up.


January might be a bit of a sleepy month for you, so don’t feel pressured to be at your energetic best. You honestly might be better off resting and recharging your batteries, or perhaps giving in to some chill, low-key nightlife. Can you accomplish this via a restful vacation? You bet. Besides, the full moon on Jan. 1 might make you aware of all the various ways your lifestyle has been affecting or supporting your health. Do it for the fun, but more importantly, do it for your sanity. A spiritual or meditation retreat of some kind during the next three weeks will be more or less what the doctor ordered. Your modern ruler, Uranus, also stations direct on Jan. 2, lending some of its wild-card energy to matters involving your hood, your siblings, your writing projects or any short-distance trips on the horizon for you. After the initial dust settles, you’ll be much more clear on how to effect beneficial progress on these fronts. You’ll have lots of interesting, relevant ideas on the 6th, and you might get a handy assist from someone in your couch-surfing network. The 13th and 14th could be testy days, however, as these exciting changes prove to interfere with the quality of your beauty rest. Do the best you can to get rest, because once Aquarius season starts on Jan. 19, you’ll be ready to advance your aims for the new year and kick off a brand new cycle. Venus will also be in your sign as of the 17th, gifting you with lots of good hair days and favorable attention. If you use social media to document your travels, this will be a great period for visibility and likes. On Jan. 31, Mercury will also enter your sign, giving you the gift of gab (and mobility) for the next couple of weeks — both things that will prove very useful in your travels. However, the lunar eclipse in your relationship house at the end of the month could usher in a major shakeup or a breakup, or perhaps eclipse a major player out of your life for good. Eclipses don’t have to spell doom and gloom, Aquarius. It’s entirely likely this was a long time coming, and it doesn’t have to involve a romantic partner. It could also involve a business partner, close friend or even your audience, if you have one. If last year’s eclipses turned your world upside down, January’s eclipse might provide a little extra closure to the story.


It’s the bottom of the year, and now the whole team’s here, Pisces. Throughout late December and most of this month, you’ll be busy advancing your aims through the power of groupthink. If you’re planning a trip, crowdsourcing (and the internet, in general) can be a really effective way to come up with ideas, reach a decision or fill up your list of must-see attractions. Mars will also be powering up the travel and education part of your chart until Jan. 26 — joining grandiose Jupiter, who’s there for the whole year — so strike while the iron is hot! You’ll want to save your energy for later anyway because once Aquarius season starts on the 19th, you’ll feel the entirety of the last year start to catch up to you, so you might want to schedule some all-important R&R for late January or early February. Preferably on a white, sandy beach somewhere, because no one loves oceans quite like you do, little fish. Looking out for your health will prove especially important given the lunar eclipse in your health sector at the end of the month. While this could eclipse an ineffective health approach out of your life, this lunation could also trigger some sense of ending or closure around your day job, your employees, your service providers or your general daily routine. Perhaps it’s time to finally cut the cord and get that remote work setup you’ve been desperately craving — the one that’ll let you (literally) work from anywhere. Some other key dates for you this month include the Jan. 1 full moon, which brings a moment of fruition to your dating life or a creative project you’ve been working on. Inspiration from your network flows to you on the 2nd and 3rd, and the 6th is an especially motivational day for broadening your horizons. Your network comes through again on the 15th with some hidden intel or crucial resource to aid you in your travels, and you’ll feel especially inspired on Jan. 19, when mental Mercury stimulates dreamy Neptune in your sign as you’re getting ready to head off into a month-long tour of la-la land. The Moon enters Pisces that same day until Jan. 22, so make the most of this dreamy time.

Wherever you go this month, Babbel can help you find your way.
Steph Koyfman
Steph is a writer, lindy hopper, and astrologer. She’s also a language enthusiast who grew up bilingual and had an early love affair with books. She has mostly proved herself as a New Yorker, and she can introduce herself in Swedish thanks to Babbel. She also speaks Russian and Spanish, but she’s a little rusty on those fronts.
Steph is a writer, lindy hopper, and astrologer. She’s also a language enthusiast who grew up bilingual and had an early love affair with books. She has mostly proved herself as a New Yorker, and she can introduce herself in Swedish thanks to Babbel. She also speaks Russian and Spanish, but she’s a little rusty on those fronts.

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