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Your Monthly Nebulous Nomad Forecast: December 2017

Babbel presents monthly horoscopes for travelers, adventurers and the globally curious.
Your Monthly Nebulous Nomad Forecast: December 2017

December begins with us galloping at full speed through the terrain of Sagittarius: the worldly centaur and the ultimate globetrotter of the zodiac.

While Sag season is sure to light a fire under all of our butts to get out there and see the world, Mercury will also be retrograde for a good chunk of the month, which may snarl our travel plans and scramble pesky logistics (like flight schedules and vehicular function).

Mercury stations retrograde on Dec. 3, the same day as the Full Moon in Gemini. The sign of Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet that governs communication and travel. If you’ve been struggling to speak coherently — whether in your own language or another — expect this occasion to magnify your stutter.

For those of us thirsty for a new adventure, the New Moon in Sagittarius on Dec. 18 will be a grand occasion to pull the trigger on that trip you’ve been contemplating.

Even better news: constricting Saturn moves out of Sagittarius on Dec. 19 after two and a half years of cramping our style, travel-wise. Saturn will spend the next two-plus years in its home sign of orderly Capricorn, so perhaps he’ll be in a less punishing mood.

Read on to learn what your December monthly horoscope has in store for your excursions and explorations.


December begins with the Sun in Sagittarius lighting up your ninth house of travel and adventure, and Venus officially follows suit on Dec. 1. If you’re not already backpacking through Croatia or muscling your way through a physically demanding trip of some kind (ideal for your athletic comportment), you’ll feel like taking off again, and Venus may even help you find love in a foreign land. Your ruling planet, Mars, opposes Uranus in your sign that same day, however. Your significant other or travel buddy might have a bone to pick with you over your unreliable behavior, and the communication rift will probably only widen thanks to Mercury’s retrograde antics. Conversations, second-language fluency and your basic ability to get from point A to point B should feel easier after Mercury stations direct on Dec. 22. Thanks to all the activity in Capricorn activating your 10th house of career toward the end of December, though, you’ll feel pressure to get back to work and quit fooling around. The first-quarter moon in your sign on Dec. 26 will be an excellent catalyst to stir you into action.


You might be in a brooding, introspective mood as December takes off, but the travel bug will bite you once again when the Sun moves into Capricorn and your ninth house of adventure on Dec. 21. However, you might run up against a big, brick hand in that arena the moment you leave the gate, and that’s thanks to rules-and-limitations master Saturn, who has just entered this part of your chart, and who intends to stay there for the next two and a half years. You’re the sign of luxury and nice things, so it’s no surprise that C-level hustler Capricorn would rule your ninth house of travel. You’re not one to travel in economy class, and you sure as hell will take that upgrade. Unfortunately, Saturn is interested in discipline and getting you to realistically assess your travel habits (as well as your values, principles and beliefs, which are also associated with your ninth house). That’s not to say you’ll be landlocked at home during this time. You’ll just have to make sure you’re “adulting” in this arena. The Dec. 3 full moon will fall in your second house of finances, so this will be an excellent time to see the writing on the wall. Hold off on opening any new accounts or downloading any budget apps until after Mercury stations direct on Dec. 22, though.


December will be a big month for you around partnerships and love, and with your ruling planet Mercury scrambling signals through Dec. 22, you’ll feel especially affected by communication issues in your closest relationships. Perhaps you won’t be entirely on the same page as your language twin either (or anyone you’ve been buddied up with in your studies). Try not to feel too bummed out about it on Dec. 6, when Mercury meets Saturn and gives us all the sads. Speaking of Saturn, he’s sort of your guy when it comes to adventure. That’s because Saturn rules Aquarius and your ninth house, or the part of your chart associated with travel and higher knowledge. Saturn has been putting your relationships to the test for the last couple of years, so it’s possible you’ve weathered some trying times on the road with a significant other or close partner. It’s also possible that you weren’t seeing eye-to-eye on some of your more radical beliefs. Thankfully, this period is coming to an end on Dec. 19, but you might find that you run into more travel delays and setbacks due to issues around joint finances. One or both of you may not be pulling your weight financially, but you might be able to broach this difficult subject on Christmas, and that’s not just because of everyone’s festive mood. Venus, the planet of money and interpersonal harmony, will meet Saturn on Dec. 25, facilitating smooth exchanges and realistic appraisals.


Early December will find you super-focused on getting back on that health bandwagon. How cruel of the cosmos to turn your attention to things like diet and exercise during the holiday season every year, you know? Especially for a sign that loves eating and family as much as you do. Anyway, you could ease the sting of this by opting for a hiking trip, and the new moon on Dec. 18 will be as good a day as any for takeoff. Jupiter, the planet of expansion and worldly knowledge, will trine Neptune in your ninth house of travel on Dec. 2. Neptune has been adding its nebulous, dreamy touch to this area of your chart since 2011, and you may have found yourself especially inspired to see the world, go back to school, and learn new things during this time. You may have just as easily been led astray or gotten lost on an adventure abroad. When Jupiter hooks up with Neptune in a harmonious way, you’ll receive an intuitive hit from above regarding the moral or philosophical purpose of all this expansion. Perhaps you’ll even decide to volunteer in another country. Either way, this doesn’t have to negate all the fun you’ll be having for the next year. Jupiter, ruler of your ninth house, just moved into Scorpio in October — the area of your chart associated with fun, pleasure and romance. Expect your adventures to retain some of this flavor through November 2018.


You’re one of the most social signs of the zodiac, Leo, so December will start with you totally in your element: going out, schmoozing and partying it up. If you have any travel booked this month, don’t feel guilty if you’d rather just sleep on all the tourist attractions in order to save your energy for your host city’s nightlife. With Venus in this part of your chart, you could have a whirlwind romance on a trip abroad, or perhaps just reclaim that feeling with your S.O. Your focus will shift to your health, routines and workflow after the solstice on Dec. 21 — just in time for you to draft some sober New Year’s resolutions and budget accordingly for your 2018 travel. You might experience some sort of confrontation or instability around your beliefs, philosophies or travel plans on Dec. 1, but others should warm up to your way of seeing things around Dec. 20. Expect a moment of inspiration and clarity around these themes on Dec. 16, and aim to take some sort of decisive action around the first-quarter moon on Dec. 26. Mars, which rules your ninth house of travel, will also figure largely into your preferences. Mars in Libra likely propelled you to fashionable, arty destinations, but when it enters Scorpio on Dec. 9, expect to be drawn to dark, mysterious locales — or perhaps places that are literally dark because they’re far from the equator.


You might be more of a homebody than a voyager this month, but you’ll start to feel uncharacteristically festive as Christmas and the new year draw near. It’s possible that your cocooning and hibernating is just your diligent way of staying out of harm’s way as your ruling planet, Mercury, spends the first three weeks retrograde. You hate disorder, but Mercury’s backpedaling will more than likely find you at home, no matter how much you try to avoid chaotic holiday travel. Get your Marie Kondo impulses out of your system now, and do your best to avoid miscommunications with your family and roommates. Be especially wary of any Airbnb guests you have coming to stay around this time, and watch out for any travel-related information you receive on Dec. 15 — you might have an incomplete grasp on the facts. Venus, which rules your ninth house of travel, will be in gallivanting Sagittarius in your fourth house of family for most of the month, so you might feel a latent tug to hit the slopes or stretch your legs — perhaps with the family in tow. A Venus/Uranus trine on the Dec. 20 may provide the jolt of restlessness you’ll need to finally pack your bags, and after Mercury stations direct on Dec. 22, you’ll have a mostly clear road ahead of you. Just watch for lingering chaos and confusion during the two weeks that follow.


You love pretty places full of culture, but you might have to settle for the hidden gems in your own neighborhood through most of December. That’s not to say your neck of the woods will disappoint. Venus, your ruling planet and overall patron of the arts, will be camped out in your third house of neighbors and local happenings this month. Hit up that gallery opening your neighbor told you about — just leave extra time for drives and subway trips, because Mercury will also be backpedaling through that area of your chart. A full moon in your ninth house of adventure on Dec. 3 brings a moment of fruition to a big trip you’ve been planning, or perhaps a moment of clarity around the way you think about the world. Mars also leaves your sign on Dec. 9, helping you cool your uncharacteristically assertive (or even aggressive?) mood these last few weeks and turn your amped-up motivational streak to your money stuff. Can a little bit of high-octane, can-do hustle help you bring in some extra cash to finance an upcoming trip? If a travel budget shortfall lit a fire under your butt on Dec. 6, this cosmic alignment will put some wind under your wings. Something someone says to you about a place they once visited will enchant you on Dec. 15, but do take some time to fill in the facts. Mercury retrograde can scramble information and obscure important details you’d be wise to know before you book your flight. If you’re raring to go, wait until after Dec. 22 to commit to any plans.


You’ll be riding the Jupiter in Scorpio wave of expansion, optimism, possibility and adventure for the next year, dear Scorp, but having a giant magnifying glass trained over your head isn’t always fun and easy. Part of this year-long adventure will involve stepping out of your comfort zone, or perhaps answering for some of your misdeeds. What better excuse to travel somewhere you wouldn’t normally go: perhaps a spiritual pilgrimage of sorts, where you can reflect and come to terms with things? Before you go, the first part of December will help you hone in on your financial picture so you’ll have the funds to take you there. Avoid making any big purchases until Mercury stations direct on Dec. 22, and do your best to sort through your receipts and budget shortfalls until then. You’ll feel especially empowered and energized when Mars enters your sign on Dec. 9, and you’ll feel inspired to take off to places unknown on the Dec. 18 new moon. After the Sun enters Capricorn on Dec. 21, you’ll be drawn to old, historical places in your neighborhood for the next month if you can’t leave the country just yet. The month ends on a note of inspiration as Neptune trines your ruling planet, Mars, on Dec. 28. Oh, the places and people you’ll see — and potentially start seeing if they’re of the dreamy variety.


This month, everyone’s on your wavelength as the Sun tours your sign through the first three weeks of December. Venus joins the Sun there on Dec. 1, inspiring you to add some beautifying touches to your appearance, or perhaps just invest in a stylish travel wardrobe. Your head’s not necessarily in a superficial place these days, however. Your ruling planet Jupiter just entered your 12th house of spirituality and closure in October, and you might be feeling pulled to “Eat, Pray, Love” your way around another continent. This year, it’s all about retreating from the normal pace of life, and you’ll feel inspired to set some personal resolutions for yourself on the new moon in your sign on Dec. 18. Make them inspiring ones, but don’t commit to a plan of action just yet. Mercury will be backpedaling through your sign until the Dec. 22, so your personal initiatives might go through a round of revisions or two. Still, a Jupiter/Neptune trine on Dec. 2 will be a great day to daydream about your upcoming adventures and think about how they fit into the larger philosophical framework of your worldview. A jolt from above might arrive on Dec. 16 in the form of a radical new travel concept. Perhaps you’ll sell or rent out your home and join a digital nomad community. In any case, think realistically about what you can afford, because Saturn in your second house of finances will force you to “adult” around money beginning Dec. 19.


You’ll be feeling somewhat low-energy throughout most of December, so don’t fight the fatigue. Honestly, just allow yourself to catch up on some much-needed rest. And yes, this is most definitely a prescription for a vacation, and more than likely the lazy kind. You work hard for that money, Cap. Get thee to a resort, a crystalline beach, or some sort of spiritual or meditation retreat. You’ll be fully recharged when the Sun enters your sign on Dec. 21, kicking off a brand new personal year for you. The other big news this month is that your ruling planet, Saturn, will enter your sign on Dec. 19 after two and a half years slogging through your house of endings and closure. You feel naturally at home with Saturn’s mature, responsible imperatives, so you might not totally mind the tests and lessons he’ll dole out as he whips you into shape over the next couple of years. What will this mean for your wanderlust initiatives? You’ll probably get a better idea after Mercury, which rules your ninth house of travel, finishes its retrograde on Dec. 22. You should also pay attention to the last-quarter moon in Virgo on the 10th, which will impart some wisdom around your travel situation — most likely in the form of critical details you won’t want to overlook.


You’re a walking contradiction who simultaneously loves community and being your own individualistic weirdo. This month, though, you’ll be engaged with your wider network, and potentially even traveling in a group. You’ll have the cosmic pass to retreat and rest after the Sun moves into Capricorn on Dec. 21. But for now, see what you can learn from Mercury’s retrograde through this part of your chart, which might force you to re-examine who you associate with, or perhaps look again at the online networks you belong to that facilitate your nomadic ventures. Saturn has been touring this part of your chart for the last two years or so, and you may have already had a falling out of sorts with a group or organization. On a happier note, Venus, ruler of your ninth house of travel, will enter free-spirited Sagittarius on Dec. 1, so you’ll be feeling extra footloose and fancy-free until Christmas. With Mars in that part of your chart as well until Dec. 9, you’ll have plenty of energy to keep up. Watch for helpful and exciting developments around your travel plans on Dec. 20, but wait until Dec. 25 to develop a sober and realistic plan.


December promises to bring big news for your career, which may or may not hamper your travel plans, but that mostly depends on what you do for a living. With globetrotting Sagittarius ruling your 10th house of work, it seems pretty likely that you’d have a jet-setting profession, so don’t put your suitcase into storage just yet. You’ll be in great spirits on Dec. 2, which is when your traditional ruler, Jupiter, forms a harmonious trine to your modern ruler, Neptune, which is currently in your sign. Let’s talk about Jupiter for a moment, Pisces. The planet of expansion, adventure and luck just moved into your ninth house of travel in October, which means you’ve got a huge boost of cosmic mojo propelling you into parts unknown until November 2018. It’s a time to feel inspired, and it’s a time to pull the trigger on that one-way flight to Bali. Just wait until after Dec. 22 to purchase any tickets or commit to any plans. The full moon on Dec. 3 might dredge up domestic issues that will vie for your attention, and with a square between the Sun and Neptune on that day, you might feel confused, foggy or low-energy as this is happening. A Venus/Neptune square on Dec. 10 might also make it hard to appraise value, so be wary of any overly attractive package deals you see around this time. After Dec. 21, your focus will turn toward the larger community that lets you thrive. See if someone in a Facebook group you belong to might be able to hook you up with a temporary living situation for your upcoming travels.

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Steph Koyfman
Steph is a writer, lindy hopper, and astrologer. She’s also a language enthusiast who grew up bilingual and had an early love affair with books. She has mostly proved herself as a New Yorker, and she can introduce herself in Swedish thanks to Babbel. She also speaks Russian and Spanish, but she’s a little rusty on those fronts.
Steph is a writer, lindy hopper, and astrologer. She’s also a language enthusiast who grew up bilingual and had an early love affair with books. She has mostly proved herself as a New Yorker, and she can introduce herself in Swedish thanks to Babbel. She also speaks Russian and Spanish, but she’s a little rusty on those fronts.

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