23 Times You Could Be Learning A Language On Your Phone

You’re already glued to your phone 24/7. Why not learn a language at the same time?

Americans are famous for our busy schedules and our addiction to smartphones. Luckily, the Babbel app means both of these factors work in your favor! No need to shoehorn a new daily language learning habit into your busy schedule…just download Babbel to your phone and go about your daily life.

Here are 23 ideas for when you could be learning a language on your phone, tried and tested by our own staff in the Babbel New York office:

  1. Checking your phone in bed when you first wake up. Imagine how accomplished you’ll feel when you’ve spent the first 15 minutes of your day learning something new. Carpe diem, indeed.
  2. While you’re eating your morning bagel sandwich.
  3. While you’re sipping coffee or tea to clear the morning mental fog.
  4. On your commute to work…unless you’re driving. Please don’t Babbel and drive!
  5. Waiting for your grande latte at Starbucks during the morning rush.
  6. While taking a break at a park near your office and enjoying the native wildlife. In the case of our New York office, this means pigeons. Hopefully.
  7. During your lunch break on those days when you just can’t bring yourself to be social.
  8. In the bathroom… no judgment here. We can’t speak for your coworkers/roommates/partners, though.
  9. In the waiting room at the doctor’s office.
  10. While waiting…and waiting…for the F train to show up…
  11. …and then while riding the subway itself (or bus). Luckily, Babbel works offline!
  12. When you take the dog out for a walk or to the dog park.
  13. While standing in the middle of the five-people-wide Whole Foods checkout line that snakes halfway through the store.
  14. Waiting for your takeout order. Maybe next time you can order your quesadilla in Spanish, the way it wants to be ordered.
  15. While wandering the bodega aisles and pondering your overpriced cereal options.
  16. During TV commercial breaks. Imagine how much you could learn during football season…
  17. While you’re on the elliptical or stationary bike at the gym, instead of watching reality TV show reruns.
  18. When you’re waiting for your friends to show up (blame the F train, probably) at that brunch place that will only seat you when your entire party is present.
  19. During your next pedicure.
  20. When there’s nothing left in your unplayed podcast queue.
  21. When you’re anxious about something. Learning something new is a great way to distract yourself.
  22. While waiting to board the plane for a flight. International trip? Even better!
  23. When you can’t fall asleep at night. Then try counting sheep in your new language.
No excuses. Pick up your phone and start learning a language!
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