7 TikTok Accounts To Practice Your Language Skills

Here are some cool creators and content to help you level up your language skills!
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It’s been a wild couple of years so far, but among everything else, the early 2020s could end up being remembered as the era of TikTok. From threats of getting banned in the United States to the sensational “Mi Pan” earworm, this app has become one of the biggest social media stories for a long time. As language learners and lovers, we haven’t overlooked the brilliant language-learning content and resources on this platform, and neither should you. Here are seven language TikTok accounts you need to check out.

The Best Language-Learning TikTok Accounts


A number of polyglots have taken to TikTok to share tips on learning a language, fun linguistic facts and more. One of our favorites is the account anais_speaks, a relatively new account that covers a wide range of topics. Anaïs mixes together travel tips, pronunciation advice and culture bites in Italian, German, French and more. If nothing else, her breadth of knowledge will inspire you to tackle a new language (or two or five).

Somi Lynda

Somi Lynda is a witty comedian who creates content about the Netherlands, the Dutch language and Dutch culture, all while exploring the similarities and differences between her Nigerian heritage. Her content asks the kind of linguistic questions we all want the answers to. Like, how do we know when a “y” in a Dutch name is pronounced like a “y” (as in “yes”) or a “j” (as in “Jess”)? The world may never know, and Somi is here to remind us of that!


Margherita of ItalianMatters has been teaching Italian for over 10 years, so her experience predates TikTok by quite a bit. She’s adapted to the medium, though, doling out quick language lessons. Most of the videos are just lists of useful words and phrases, which makes it a helpful resource when you’re trying to bulk you your vocab in the language.


EasyGerman has a Discord, a podcast and more, but their TikTok is one of their most invaluable learning resources. The account consists mostly of quick interviews, with simple questions like “Where are you from?” and “What have you been up to today?” Because these interviews are with a wide variety of people, it’s a good way to mix up the German voices you’re hearing. Each interview also is subtitled both in German and English, so you can reinforce what you’re hearing. Mixed in with the interviews, there are topic-specific TikToks, with discussions of various dialects and tricky grammar.

AT Frenchies

Alex and Tom (AT Frenchies) are two French brothers who use their platform to teach conversational French, while also documenting their experience traveling around the United States. They have a video on every topic we’ve wanted to know but are often afraid to ask in French class, ranging from romantic French words to how to pronounce superhero names in French, as well as what to actually wear when you visit France. Aside from their Francophile content, they discuss topics like the biggest culture shocks they’ve encountered in the United States and what it’s like being French and dating American girls. They’re the French brothers we’ve always wanted but never had.


The goal behind SpeakSpanishFaster’s account is right there in the name. Of the accounts listed here, this one is one of the more traditional in its approach. Almost every video is a little language lesson, like a guide to fruit vocabulary and how to conjugate the verb tener. Following this account is a great way to infuse a little directed learning into your TikTok scrolling.


While a little self-serving, we can’t help but promote Babbel’s own TikTok. With Spanish, German and French creators, we cover a wide range of language topics, from vocabulary in local dialects to cultural tidbits around the world. We try to make learning as engaging as possible, with fun games, bits and more. It’s a great supplement to learning on the app!

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