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Multilinguish: Code-Switching Decoded

In this episode of Multilinguish, we talk about code-switching: why do bilinguals so often switch between their languages?

Multilinguish: The Story Of English

How do you tell the whole history of a language? In this episode, we find out.

Multilinguish: Easiest And Hardest Languages

And the top 3 easiest and hardest languages for English speakers to learn are…

Multilinguish: The Brothers Grimm

In this episode of Multilinguish, we dive into the Brothers Grimm and explore their linguistic legacy beyond their famous fairy tales.

Multilinguish: Lies Your Language Teacher Told You

Your language teacher probably meant well. They also probably lied to you a little.

Multilinguish: Are We Born With Language?

Exploring one of the most divisive topics in linguistics: Universal Grammar.

Multilinguish: Talking To Animals

A look at the stunning complexity of animal language and our ability to communicate with our non-human friends.

Multilinguish: Your Brain On Language

Brains! Language! It’s pretty complicated (but oh so elegant).
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