Reboot Your Motivation For Learning In 7 Days: Join Us For Babbel7!

Rediscover your motivation this fall by joining Babbel7, our 7-day challenge guaranteed to jump-start your love for language learning and connect you with a supportive community of language enthusiasts.
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Reboot Your Motivation For Learning In 7 Days: Join Us For Babbel7!
In just two weeks, it’ll be the unofficial end of summer. Labor Day is a great time to reflect on the summer and recommit to the last of what we want to accomplish before the year is up. Is your list of accomplishments looking … rather anemic? You’re not alone. I promised myself back in May that before my summer trip to Babbel’s Berlin headquarters, I’d actually use my German skills beyond simply pointing at pastries and ordering a beer (both useful, albeit limited, skills). Once I landed in Berlin I chickened out anyway, relying on my Berlin coworkers to do the actual speaking and ordering. Clearly, I could have used a swift kick of motivation.
Luckily, you and I aren’t out of luck yet for our aspirational language-learning goals. Based on the great feedback we had during our #Babbel21 challenge at the beginning of the year, we’re launching another language-learning challenge for our community. We’re excited to announce #Babbel7!

What Is #Babbel7?

As you may have guessed from the name, #Babbel7 is a much shorter challenge — only seven days long. Running from Tuesday, September 4 to Monday, September 10,  it’s designed as a daily shot of motivation for you to pick up (or rekindle) your language-learning practice. The challenge is fueled by great content from the Babbel app and our team of linguistics experts.
When you sign up, you’ll receive a daily email with the day’s challenge and a link to helpful content that will guide your learning. Each challenge should take about 15 minutes. Don’t forget to share your experience on social media using the hashtag #Babbel7!
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Who Should Join #Babbel7?

Everyone! More specifically, anyone who wants to challenge themselves to learn a language and meet other like-minded people who will support their goal. You don’t need a Babbel subscription to join #Babbel7, though it will be a nice complement to the challenges and will give you a more structured learning experience, both during and after the challenge. Most of our focus for this challenge will be on Spanish, French, Italian and German, though we do have resources for learners of other languages.

What Can I Actually Get After Just 7 Days?

  • A Feeling Of Accomplishment
    By committing to a specific, realistic, time-bound goal (modeled after SMART goals, the generally accepted standard for personal and professional performance), you’ll experience a feeling of accomplishment that extends far beyond language learning.
  • Solid Language Basics
    You’ll be able to express simple thoughts and phrases using the most relevant vocabulary, first-person pronouns, present-tense verbs and useful adjectives. We also have suggested learning materials for more advanced learners.
  • New Friends
    You’ll connect with a supportive global community of like-minded language and learning enthusiasts. Maybe you’ll even make a new friend!

How Do I Sign Up?

We thought you’d never ask. It’s easy:

  1. Sign up with your email below. The first 100 people to sign up will get a special gift!
  2. Follow Babbel USA on Twitter, Instagram (and Facebook too, while you’re at it).
  3. Stay tuned for your first email on Day 1 of the challenge on Tuesday, September 4!

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