Introducing ‘Aventura On The Babbel Express’: Babbel’s First Interactive Spanish Podcast

All aboard the Babbel Express, where you’ll be tasked with solving a catnapping mystery.
The logo for Aventura on the Babbel Express, with a large shadowy cat whose tail is wrapped around an old-timey steam engine.

Looking for a new way to practice your Spanish? Try Babbel’s first ever interactive podcast, Aventura on the Babbel Express. Designed for beginner (or A2) learners of European or Mexican Spanish, this show combines Spanish dialogue with English narration to teach you helpful words and phrases. Plus, you’ll be able to choose how the story continues at the end of each episode. Listen to the trailer below to get a taste of what the season is like, and read on for some tips on how to get the most out of your language learning while listening to the show.

Listen to Aventura on the Babbel Express on the Babbel app, Spotify, Apple Podcasts or wherever else you get your podcasts.

What Aventura Is About

Are you ready to ride the Babbel Express? Come aboard and explore el misterio of who catnapped a rich heiress’ prize pet. You’ll meet Inspector Romero, an accomplished but recently disgraced detective who’s tasked with finding the perpetrator of this feline crime. Along the way, you’ll meet suspects, collect evidence and, perhaps most importantly, learn Spanish! All of the dialogue is in Spanish, but the story is guided along in English by your faithful narrator, who also provides some handy translations to make sure you’re able to follow the story as it unfolds.

What makes the show interactive? After each episode, you’ll be given a choice for what you want to happen next. Because of that, there are several ways for the story to be told. Decide which threads to follow, and even choose who you think is the perpetrator. 

Tips For Learning

  1. Read along. For each episode of the podcast, we have a handy transcript you can use to follow along. If you’re struggling with understanding the spoken words and phrases, this can be a helpful way to develop your understanding.
  2. Take notes. Because Aventura is interactive, you’re going to be helping solve el misterio. In order to do that, you might want to take some notes while you’re listening. This can help you both catch the catnapper, as well as commit some of the words you’re learning to memory.
  3. Really focus on the vocab you’re learning. We know, podcasts are often something you listen to while doing something else, but if you want to learn, you’ll need to pay attention. If you hear a word you don’t understand, see if you can figure out what it means in context. 

Are you in? Start listening to Aventura on the Babbel Express now!

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