How To Talk About Tech And The Internet In Italian

Looking for a way to connect to the Italian language when you’re not in Italy? All you have to do is log on.
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It should come as no surprise that tech vocab is becoming more and more prevalent in the world. Even children’s dictionaries are starting to replace nature vocabulary like “otter” and “minnow” with words like “blog” and “chatroom.” While some might say this is a sad change, it reflects the reality that people encounter the internet far more frequently than they do nature. It makes sense, then, that you might want to learn terms for tech and the internet in Italian. If you’re unable to travel to Italy any time soon, at the least you can visit the Italian language online.

To get you started, we compiled some of the most important tech terms in Italian. And if you want to hear how each of these words and phrases is pronounced, just click the “play” button next to them!

Talking About Tech And The Internet In Italian

Italian Technology Vocabulary

the hardware — l’hardware

the computer — il computer

the laptop — il computer portatile

the cable — il cavo

to charge — caricare

the keyboard — la tastiera

the mouse — il mouse

the printer — la stampante

compatible — compatibile

wireless — senza fili

the software — il software

to install — installare

the click — il clic

the menu — il menu

the folder — la cartella

the file — il file

to save — salvare

the bug — il bug

offline — offline

to drag — trascinare

Italian Internet Vocabulary

the internet — l’internet

the browser — il browser

the link — il link

to load — caricare

the blog — il blog

the virus — il virus

the pop-up — il pop-up

online — su internet

to download — scaricare

to search — cercare

the email — l’e-mail

the chat — la chat

the message — il messaggio

the draft — la bozza

the emoticon — l’emoticon

the email address — l’indirizzo e-mail

to write — scrivere

to open — aprire

the attachment — l’allegato

to send — inviare

the social media — i mezzi di comunicazione sociale

to sign up — registrarsi

to log in — effettuare l’accesso

the member — il membro

the password — la password

popular — di successo

the forum — il forum

the community — la community

the network — il network

to follow — seguire

Italian Tech And Internet Phrases

I spend my time in front of the computer. — Passo il mio tempo davanti al computer.

All of my files are gone. — Tutti i miei file sono spariti.

You can download the program. — Puoi scaricare il programma.

The keyboard is quite dirty. — La tastiera è piuttosto sporca.

Your password should be secret and hard to guess. — La tua password dovrebbe essere segreta e difficile da indovinare.

I follow some of my friends on Twitter so I can keep up with what they are doing. — Seguo alcuni amici su Twitter per rimanere aggiornato su quello che fanno.

I need to be online, I’ve got about a million emails to send. — Devo andare su internet, devo scrivere circa un milione di email.

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