How To Say ‘I’m Hungry’ And ‘I’m Full’ In 10 Languages

Thanksgiving is your stomach’s favorite (or least favorite) holiday! Impress your friends and family by using these foreign phrases during the big meal.

It may feel like you just finished stressing over the perfect culturally relevant Halloween costume, but believe it or not, Thanksgiving is already upon us. And that means it’s time to stuff yourself with comfort food until you’re laid out on the couch like a bloated beluga, one bite away from bursting open. For competitive eaters, this holiday brings nothing but joy. For everyone else, it brings instant gratification followed by a period of immense regret (not to mention awkward conversations and/or heated debates with family members you blocked on Facebook).

We’ve provided a guide to expressing your hunger, and then your inevitable desire to never eat again, in 10 different languages. Maybe your Italian grandmother will stop trying to force-feed you if you tell her you’re full in her native language? Probably not, but it’s worth a try!


I’m hungry: Ich habe Hunger.

I’m full: Ich bin satt.


I’m hungry: Ho fame.

I’m full: Sono sazio/a.


I’m hungry: Tengo hambre.

I’m full: Estoy lleno/a.


I’m hungry: J’ai faim.

I’m full: Je n’ai plus faim.


I’m hungry: Estou com fome.

I’m full: Estou cheio(a).


I’m hungry: Jag är hungrig.

I’m full: Jag är mätt.


I’m hungry: Acıktım.

I’m full: Doydum.


I’m hungry: Jestem głodny. (m) / Jestem głodna. (f)

I’m full: Jestem najedzony. (m) / Jestem najedzona. (f)


I’m hungry: я голодный. (m) / я голодная. (f)

Ya golodniy. / Ya golodnaya.

I’m full: я наелся. (m) / я наелась. (f)

Ya nayelsa. / Ya nayelas.


I’m hungry: Ik heb honger.

I’m full: Ik zit vol.

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