How To Ask Where The Bathroom Is In 10 Languages

Whether you call it the bathroom, restroom, toilet or loo, here’s how to find relief in 10 different languages.

When nature calls, you shouldn’t let it go to voicemail. One of the key phrases you should learn before traveling to another country is how to ask for the bathroom in the local language. Because once you sample some of the local booze (or juice, kids), you’ll need to get it out of your system. Here’s how to ask where the bathroom or toilet is in 10 languages. 

Spanish: ¿Dónde están los baños?

German: Wo finde ich die Toiletten?

French:  Où sont les toilettes ?

Italian:  Dove è il bagno?

Portuguese:  Onde é o banheiro?

Russian: Где здесь туалет? (gde zdes’ tualet?)

Swedish:  Var är toaletten?

Indonesian: Di mana kamar kecil?

Mandarin Chinese: 哪里有洗手间 (nǎlǐ yǒu xǐshǒujiān?)

Arabic: أين الحمّام؟ (ayn al-ḥammām?)

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