How To Ask ‘How Are You?’ In 10 Languages

Meet new people and initiate friendly small talk by learning how to ask ‘how are you?’ in the local language.
how to ask 'how are you?'

Whether you meet someone who speaks another language when traveling abroad or want to connect with a person who speaks another language in your own community, you’ll want to know how to start a conversation and make small talk with them. The easiest way to begin in to introduce yourself and ask how they’re doing. It’s polite, friendly and a great way to make a new friend! Here’s how to ask “How are you?” in 10 world languages.

Note: When a language offered several ways to ask this question, as many languages do, we went with the more informal version.

Spanish: ¿Cómo estás?

French: Ça va ?

German: Wie geht’s?

Italian: Come stai?

Portuguese: Tudo bem?

Swedish: Hur mår du?

Russian: Как дела? (Kak dela?)

Polish: Jak leci?

Turkish: Ne haber?

Dutch: Hoe gaat het

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