How These Beginners Learned A Brand New Language In 21 Days

These beginners made their resolution to learn a language and stuck with it for three weeks. Here’s how they did.
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How These Beginners Learned A Brand New Language In 21 Days

Is 21 days really enough time to form a healthy habit from scratch? That’s what we set out to test at the start of the new year. After the last of the confetti was swept up and the empty champagne bottles recycled, we wanted to see if people would make a resolution and stick to it. Thus, the #Babbel21 challenge was born. Many of our social media followers joined Babbel USA staffers to learn a new language quickly — in only 21 days. What insights can we take away from their language-learning journey? Here are some highlights from three of the most dedicated challenge participants.

Gene — French Learner

Gene was passionate about learning French from the start (and his photos were beautiful)!

His reason for learning French? Following his dreams, of course. Très bon !

Check out his progress at the end of Week 1.

And Week 2!

By the end of the challenge, he had really come a long way. Fantastique !

Lexxie — Spanish Learner

Both Lexxie and her bitmoji (the cartoon version of her seen below) were very excited to learn Spanish.

She’s learning Spanish to connect with relatives and to become an even better third-grade teacher!

We loved her Week 1 recap video, mostly because of her adorable study buddies.

Week 2 was just as cute!

By Day 21, she made a lot of progress but admitted she has some more practicing to do. ¡Muy bien!

Thomas — German Learner/Babbel Staffer

Babbel USA’s very own content producer Thomas was brave enough to take on German. His dachshund friend came along for the ride.

He’s a total bookworm and hopes to be able to read some German lit. If he keeps at it, there may be a Metamorphosis in store for him!

In just seven days, he made incredible progress! Someone’s gunning for a promotion.

By Week 2, he was using much longer sentences and his pronunciation was improving.

By the end of the challenge, his German was quite good. Sehr Gut, Thomas! We’re impressed.

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