How To Talk About The Home In Russian

Home is where the heart is. And usually, there’s a bunch of other stuff there, too.
Talking about the home in Russian represented by a family working in a kitchen. A woman sits at the kitchen table on a laptop, while the man stands at the sink watching a plate while carrying a baby in a papoose.

Want an easy way to practice your vocabulary? Just look around you. While it’s a bit cliché, putting sticky notes all over your home that label items in their learning language is a great way to get in a little practice every day. Before you can do that, you’ll need to learn the words for the objects around your home in Russian.

We put together a list of the most important Russian words for the home, though it’s by no means comprehensive. To hear how each word is pronounced by a native speaker, just click the play button next to each term.

Essential Russian House Vocabulary

apartment — квартира

house — дом

room — комната

kitchen — кухня

bathroom — ванная

bedroom — спальня

living room — гостиная

toilet — туалет

floor — пол

wall — стена

door — дверь

window — окно

balcony — балкон

ceiling — потолок

roof — крыша

stairs — лестница

elevator — лифт

furniture — мебель

table — стол

chair — стул

bed — кровать

sofa — диван

armchair — кресло

bookshelf — книжная полка

wardrobe — шкаф

bench — лавка

shelf — полка

dresser — комод

stool — табуретка

pantry — кухонный шкаф

decor — интерьер

curtain — занавеска

carpet — ковёр

mirror — зеркало

lamp — лампа

indoor plant — комнатное растение

picture, painting — картина

vase — ваза

cushion, pillow — подушка

scented candle — ароматическая свеча

coffee table — журнальный столик

knick-knack — безделушка

household appliance — бытовой прибор

stove — плита

fridge — холодильник

freezer — морозильник

radiator, heater — батарея

washing machine — стиральная машина

dishwasher — посудомоечная машина

dryer — сушильный аппарат

air conditioner — кондиционер

microwave — микроволновая печь

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