Songs To Learn By: A German Playlist For Music-Lovers Of All Kinds

Between yesteryear’s polka and today’s techno, there’s great German music you can sing along to when you’re learning the language.
German Playlist

If you want a fun way to listen to and practice a language, music is a great option. Finding music you enjoy in a new language can be a little tough, though. A cursory search for “German music” will bring you to folk songs that invoke lederhosen and yodeling, which is probably not your thing. Unless it is! In that case, you have a lot to choose from. To help you find music you’ll actually want to listen to, we made a German playlist to help you explore your options.

No matter what you’re looking for in German music, there’s something here for you. The first few songs are popular enough that you might know them already, like Nena’s “99 Luftballoons” and Rammstein’s “Du Hast” (which is especially useful for its simple grammar). Then there are songs you might recognize because of their more famous English versions, like the Beatles’ “Sie Liebt Dich” (“She Loves You”) and David Bowie’s “Helden” (“Heroes”). We also included some of the most popular artists in Germany from the past couple of years, like Namika and Bausen.

If you’re learning German, go look up the lyrics so you can sing along and practice your pronunciation. And even if you’re not, it’s always worth expanding your musical horizons.

Start learning so you can sing along.
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