How To Talk About Free Time In Turkish

Spend some free time learning how to talk about your free time.
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When you start learning any language, the first step is to figure out what you want to prioritize. Depending on why you’re learning the language, that can be any number of things, from business jargon to food terms. If you focus solely on practical items, though, you might miss out on vocab that can help you connect with people. Learning something about, say, talking about your free time in Turkish can be an invaluable resource when you’re meeting a Turkish speaker and can’t figure out what to discuss.

There are, of course, countless things you might list to talk about how you spend your free time in Turkish. If you have one topic you particularly like, you’ll want to dive deep on that. But we compiled a list of some of the most general vocabulary to get you started, along with a few phrases to grease the wheels of conversation. Click the play button next to each term to hear it pronounced by a native speaker.

Talking About Free Time In Turkish

General Hobby Vocabulary

theater — tiyatro

play — oyun

to attend — katılmak

musical — müzikal

museum — müze

exhibition — sergi

sculpture — heykel

painting — tablo

photography — fotoğrafçılık

gallery — galeri

photo — fotoğraf

to paint — resim yapmak

film — film

drawing — çizim

to dance — dans etmek

book — kitap

to read — okumak

music — müzik

to sing — şarkı söylemek

instrument — enstrüman

guitar — gitar

piano — piyano

game — oyun

to play — oynamak

sport — spor

soccer — futbol

gym — fitness salonu

team — takım

to go shopping — alışverişe gitmek

second-hand — kullanılmış

eating out — yemek yemeye gitmek

restaurant — restoran

club — kulüp

bar — meyhane

cafe — kafe

Free Time Phrases

What do you do in your free time? — Boş zamanlarında ne yapıyorsun?

I love going to restaurants. — Restorana gitmeyi seviyorum.

I play soccer twice a week. — Haftada iki kere futbol oynuyorum.

I will sunbathe and read. — Güneşleneceğim ve kitap okuyacağım.

Do you feel like going dancing? — Dans etmeye gitmek ister misin?

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